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Red de jovenes pro desarrollo RJPD
Start date: Nov 1, 2011,

The Region of Murcia has been involved in several previous cooperation projects with El Cañar and Chimborazo in Ecuador. From the experience of these previous projects there was detected a need to develop a new project that involved young migrants in Spain, Belgium and The Netherlands, as well as Spanish, Belgium and Netherland's youth, with youth in the regions of origin in Latin America.As overall objective, the project pursues to establish links between young migrants and young people in their regions of origin with the purpose of promoting economic and social development and to mitigate the effects of migration, acting as agents for inclusive growth.As specific objectives:■ To promote discussion meetings on the problems of migration on young people and their contribution to the development of their regions of origin.■ To involve European young people on the issue of migration and the effects it produces in the sending regions.■ To create a platform (network) of young people in countries of origin and destination of migrants to debate on the issue of migration and economic, social and cultural development that encourages youth initiatives on migration and development and development cooperationThe project involves twelve organisations from six countries: Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru.The project's activities are aimed at young people's active participation in economic and socialdevelopment in Latin America, empowering young people through discussion and drawing their ownconclusions, so that they themselves are responsible for their own future,their country of origin, migrationand decreasing youth unemployment. --'Young people living in Europe whether of indigenous origin or migration, are involved in this process of discussion and conclusions, first bringing their ideas and experiences and second working with young people themselves living in Latin America in projects for the period 2012 - 2013.The methodological approach is based on a sensitisation campaign, launched at the same time as the project communication campaign (first step), regional workshops (second step, thirteen sessions per workshop) involving at least 15-20 youngsters, migrants and natives, to "learn by doing" on the mentioned topic, and a Youth Forum (third step) where young people from all involved countries will meet during four days to discuss on the workshop's experiences and results, will produce specific conclusions and recommendations on the involvement of young people on inclusive growth, and notably in youth unemployment. The final step is the dissemination and exploitation of results through a web - based resource, linked to social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. The creation of a trans - atlantic network will support the future cooperation.

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