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Recyklácia- renesancia-reflexia (Dizajnérske, fotografické a dekoratérske reminiscencie)
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project named Recycling- renassaince- reflection (Design, photography and decorationist castbacks ) covered activities realised between Stredná priemyselná škola from Svidník and its partner´s school Krakowskie Szkoly Artystyczne in Krakow. Both schools are art oriented. SPŠ in Svidník offers opportunities of the study of fashion, promotional, graphic and spatial design, as well as specialised study of modelling and clothes design and graphic of visual communications. Krakowskie Szkoly Artystyczne (KSA) in Krakow is the prestigious school not only in Poland and it provides higher level education in clothes design (Szkola Artystycznego Projektowania Ubioru), in art photography (Szkola Kreatywnej Fotografii), in visual merchandising (Szkola Vizual Merchandisingu), in interior design and architecture (Szkola Wnetrz i Przestrzeni), as well as in dramatic art (Szkola Aktorska). KSA is the partner school of the project. It was responsible for professional preparation of the project participants and their professional growth. The project participants were 20 students of SPŠ, Svidník who study fashion design and promotional graphic. They took part in the project in two rounds, each time in the number of 10 students and 1 accompanying teacher from SPŠ Svidník. The first internship focused on clothes design, realization of paper models and their subsequent relations with visual merchandising and photography. The second internship consisted of the students of promotional graphic mostly. Therefore, it was directed on art photography and its further usage in visual merchandising as conceptual solution of marketable space or shopwindow. The aim of the project activities was professional preparation of our students and mastering and utilizing of achieved knowledge and skills at designing, model construction, their documentation, the work with camera in exterior and interior, graphic amendment of graphic product – catalogue, as well as visual solution of shopping space. At the same time, the project was the opportunity to get new inspirations, insights and perception in the usage of new fashion trends in forming fashion and in realization of graphic visual through individual study fields, between which there are inner connections and associations. Fashion and photography were the resources which were creatively applied in the area of visual merchandising and thereby provided students with new opportunities to apply and widened their professional field. Apart from that there was a dominant aspect of creativity in both internships, and in the case of the first one also the ecological aspect, since models were made from untraditional waste material. The expecting results of the project activities were ready-made outputs of models (12 pcs) – two participants made 2 models, art and model photographies, video presentations, catalogues, as well as photo documentation from the course of the internships and all its outputs. All the information was published gradually in press and audiovisual media, on social network and on the school´s web page. The part of their subsequent presentation were fashion shows, competitions in clothes design, in art photography, as well as exhibitions in the school or in our town. Long-lasting contribution of the project can be found in achieved experience and skills which will be used in further professional growth of our students. We suppose that even after graduating from our school, the students will have greater opportunity to assert themselves at work market in art agencies, clothes companies, but also at university study of art orientation. Last but not least the project was the asset in intercultural and language relations, as well. The young had an opportunity to get to know different culture, nation and their traditions, history, to learn about cultural and historical landmarks and experience authentic atmosphere of Krakow. It was the opportunity to meet new people from Poland and foreign students and therefore gain language skills and verify them in real communication.

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