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Recycle and Reuse of Agro Programmes
Start date: Nov 1, 2010,

The overall objective of this project is the dissemination of training material for farmers resulting from three previous projects - 1 Leonardo, 1 Grundtvig, 1 DAC project. In this way we hope to contribute to farmers and adults training as well as to spread the results derived from previous projects to more EU countries. The project aims at:a) the enrichment of the training material for farmers and adults in regard to organic agriculture, agrotourism and new technologiesb) making the training material adequate for adults and farmers as well as user friendlyc) making the material accessible to everyoned) the enrichment of the Electronic European Agricultural Network - a Network of collaboration between Centres that are engaged in the education of farmers and in the education of adults in the above mentioned subjectse)supporting effective communication between farmers, educational institutions and everyone interested in issues related to organic agriculture and agricultural tourismf) promoting the joint outcomes of the 3 previous programmes, not only in the EU countries that have been involved in these projects, but also in new ones.Results/products:a) a Multimedia CD with training material in 7 languages (EN, FR, IT, PT, GR, ES, BG)b) digital platform with the material for online coursesc) an enriched Electronic European Agricultural Network database with farmer and adult training institutions in 6 countriesd) a website which will be constantly updated by the partners with newse) informing the farmers and their unions about the training material The impact envisaged:a) training farmers-adults in issues of organic agriculture and help them to turn from conventional agriculture to organic agriculture or help organic farmers in best practiceb) training farmers-adults in issues of agrotourism, offering new business perspectives in rural areasc) familiarizing farmers-adults in ICT

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