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Recuperación del bosque Mediterráneo, REFORESTACIÓN (plantando semillas)
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Jun 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Since the youth association thought a youth work, applying an active methodology based on emotional playful education, participants can produce a beneficial effect on their learning and development. Thus involving the youth in the whole process, assimilation and learning multiplies.This project consider it as a continuation of the activities we doing for more than 5 years in the environment. Activities aimed at young people, which is really enjoying the natural environment.From the association we have made environmental volunteer reforestation in different parts of the province, we manage several houses for meetings and activities, forest clearing, educational lectures, meetings of associations, etc.With all this experience, now we want to project our expertise to Europe.The project has 4 countries, Spain and three more partners, each with 10participantes and these 2 will be leaders. Participants must be aged between 18 and 24 years with environmental character that likes nature and has participated in activities in their environment, especially the environment.In this way we want to develop strategies and best practices that allow us to enhance more active participation of the / young people as European citizens, with more capacity for action and critical of such an important social problem as is the deterioration of our environment ; with young people in more organized / as and more skills to act creating new models to improve democracy, raise ethical demand network, and a high active participation at all points of the process.So we understand that a life in practice with good environmental habits, combined with an ecological culture favors the use and treatment of our forests, giving importance to our society, from a local to a global level, because this is a problem that long-term stalks us all.Therefore the objectives of this project are:- Knowing the natural heritage, best practices and relevant legislation on the environment of other European states.- Building a citizens environmental culture, based on the knowledge and awareness of the community.- Integrate youth in the areas of environmental management performance quality.- Design actions that allow proper use of these spaces.- Review, evaluate and discuss new environmental forms.- To promote the values ​​of respect, protection, conservation, environmentalism, health, etc.- To promote the creation of new collaborative projects within youth associations.- Raising awareness on the importance of reducing pollution and the importance of recycling.- Becoming small educators for other sectors of the population.- work in groupIn this way we want to develop strategies and best practices for our commitment more effective, promoting a more active, more capable of action and criticism. The / young working samples give better networking skills, autonomy and organizational skills.Based on all this, and taking as a starting point the project at hand, we will work for:- Knowledge and dissemination of European natural spaces, emphasizing the Mediterranean forest.- The enrichment of European associations active movement.- Strengthening a European youth social fabric.- Promote an active attitude venture projects.All countries should prepare a dossier evaluation of the whole process, its participants, who then will join the final evaluation. This tool will help us to improve future meetings and projects. an active, self-reflective and continuous evaluation will be conducted during all project processes. In turn, it is intended to incorporate the evaluation to all stakeholders in the project process, from drawing up the commission to prepare a final report.

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