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Reconnecting Europe in Greece
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The proposed project aims to support EPEES (HELLENIC UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATION FOR EUROPEAN STUDIES) through the implementation of specific activities: a) seminars that will be held in three different cities (Athens, Thessaloniki and Mytilene), b) workshop regarding the Greek Presidency that will take place in Athens and c) info-days in two cities (Patra and Ioannina). The various project activities will focus on the law, institutional framework and policies of the EU, open to citizens from various societal groups (students, researchers, teachers, unemployed persons, entrepreneurs, civil servants at central administration and/or local authorities, representatives of local communities NGO’s) interested in obtaining basic knowledge of EU issues. In a period of major changes in Greece due to the economic crisis, there is a widespread disappointment among citizens over the management of economic crisis in EMU countries. Disappointment is combined by lack of knowledge over the actual opportunities that the EU offers to citizens in order to transform their lives. The project aims to provide and disseminate essential knowledge on how the EU works, the rights of EU citizens and practical information on EU policies and programs ameliorating the lives of citizens. The participants in the project events will acquire knowledge enabling them to progress their educational/ professional plans in the EU and enhance their civic skills. Main indicators of achievement of the project will be its appeal to the civil society through percentage of participation of various societal groups and evaluation of participants regarding the relevance of knowledge acquired and impact of the project on developing their personal/ professional/ civic skills.
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