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Start date: Jun 17, 2014, End date: Dec 15, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project has involved a multilateral youth exchange that took place from June 30-July 9, 2014, where 25 participants (4 young + 1 monitor / country) from Estonia, Turkey, Italy and Spain made 8 days full of activities related to Recovery and cultural transmission. Initially there was another country that was going to participate in our exchange, Iceland, but could not participate because the resolution of the project was very late and the Icelandic association did not have time to look for all participants, mainly due to the high price of flights .   With the implementation of this youth exchange as a host, we pursued the following objectives: 1. Young people actively participate in the construction of Europe and responding to the needs expressed by our youth group. 2. Expand our training and acquire a body of knowledge in the field of non-formal education. 3. Bring the signs of our culture and the essence of our identity to others and, secondly, learn to value the traditions and culture of other countries. 4. To foster mutual understanding between young people from different countries, develop solidarity and promote tolerance among young people, in particular in order to foster social cohesion in the European Union and other countries. 5. Encourage self-learning and teamwork. 6. Improving communication skills of young people, encouraging their formation and subsequent entry into the labor market. 7. Encourage the use of new technologies, imagination and creativity as essential resources for future entrepreneurs. 8. Introduce the new ERASMUS + program and all the opportunities it offers.  All these objectives have been achieved through the activities we have undertaken, for instance: * Several workshops to transmit the traditions and lifestyle of the respective countries, both in the past and today, related, for example, to a day in the life of any member of a family, your work, personal relationships, the main festival of its region, a wedding day, a day of vacation ...:    1. Development of a collage made with old photographs.    2. Editing a video.    3. Silent Theatre (mime). * Living for a few hours with some families of our village "Family fun day" * Recover proverbs and traditional folktales by interviewing older people found on the street. * Development of comics with a traditional story of each country. * Rehearse traditional dances and folk songs to make a small exhibition with the presence of the hosting families of Family Fun Day. * Train traditional games and participate in the Olympics. * Prepare the photo exhibition with photos of each country and exchange days to be displayed during the Olympics. * Visit to an archaeological site and a local livestock, main industry of our people. * Farewell party and delivery YOUTHPASS. The completion of this exchange has been a reality, mainly thanks to the initiative of a group of young people who , after having participated in other exchanges, decided to move its proposal and they wished another youth exchange would take place in our town. Our City Council did not hesitate at any time and less, after verifying the success of the previous ones and the positive impact that has been, not only for all participants but for other people in Añora. The 25 participants were of similar profiles and interests, despite the fact that they belong to different countries and realitie. Hence the most positive thing that stands out above any other achievement is the good atmosphere of camaraderie and respect among all of them, but from the outset; all this despite the age difference between some of the participants. All youngsters were very responsible, respectful, creative, active, participatory and eager to learn and share. Undoubtedly, the participants were the best of this project.  As it has happened with the realization of other exchanges, some of the consequences of having participated directly or indirectly is that the number of young people who have applied for a Erasmus project and who have enrolled in language courses has increased significantly. But perhaps the most important achivement is that it has encouraged the mobility and understanding with children from other countries and promoted respect for other cultures such as Islam (Turkey and Tunisia). Furthermore, it has unveiled the ERASMUS+ program and observe a noticeable interest from our youth by continuing to organize more projects and we are receiving requests from young people who are interested in EVS.
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