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Recipe for Success

This partnership was formed with the aim of focusing on the food we eat, how we grow and prepare our food and the traditions that accompany food preparation. Learners and staff met regularly with partners from other countries to exchange recipes and associated skills that are in danger of being forgotten and the stories that are associated with them. The focus was on the use of locally grown, seasonal ingredients and the skills of making the old recipes and their translation into other languages. The learners prepared for each meeting by learning some of the language of the other countries with particular focus on the recipes and traditions of each area. After each meeting in the partner countries, the participants stored their new-found information on a shared web platform (Facebook). This was a new skill for the older participants and although there was some hesitation about using Facebook, all were very pleased to learn about it and discovered how they could use it to maintain their new European relationships.The partnership heightened the level of cultural awareness and mutual understanding among the nationalities within Europe and gave the participants a deeper appreciation of various cultures, heritage and values which fostered mutual respect and tolerance.
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