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Recikel bicikel
Start date: May 1, 2010,

The main aim of the project "Recikel bicikel" is to strengthen European citizenship and youth participation through collecting old bicycles, recycling them and giving them added value. By doing that, young people are going to actively respond to global challenges facing our lives, such as air pollution, permanent of materials, healthy life style, unemployment, poverty and social exclusion.Through practical and concrete workshops where young people will train various skills, old and used bicycles are going to be renovated, re-designed and re-equipped. Clients such as international students, ordinary people and publically known (famous) people are going to get them to live healthier lives and promote global and intercultural values through them.Contributions gained by providing bicycles, are going to be spent for organization of special workshops for socially excluded young people in Slovenia.By participating in project, young people will acquire new knowledge and skills in the fields of handcrafting, creativity, innovations, technical skills, organizing, entrepreneurship and communication.
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