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Recall: Games of the Past – Sports for Today
Start date: 01 Jan 2014,

TAFISA and its transnational, collaborative project partners believe that Traditional Sports and Games (TSG) are part of the world intangible heritage and a symbol of the cultural diversity of our societies. TSG are an effective vehicle to encourage participation in Sport for All and physical activity, and also an efficient means to convey values of solidarity, diversity, inclusion, cultural awareness and peace.Project “Recall: Games of the Past - Sports for Today” aims to reintroduce Traditional Sports and Games into the daily lives of young people as a means to tackle social challenges of today – including the epidemics of physical inactivity, by documenting and disseminating TSG heritage worldwide.More specifically, it aims to:• Preserve, promote and increase participation in TSG;• Increase participation in Sport for All and physical activity through TSG;• Preserve and promote European heritage using TSG;• Encourage social inclusion, understanding, integration and respect for others using TSG;• Strengthen local, national and European identities and the link that exists between them through TSG mobilization;• Attract a wider audience to Sport for All and physical activity through the reinvigoration of TSG;• Strengthen the knowledge base of sport, Sport for All, TSG and European heritage;• Encourage cooperation between mainstream sports and TSG for young Europeans
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