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Rebuild your chances!
Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Nov 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Rebuild your chances!" is a volunteering group project, which will be attended by 8 volunteers from 7 countries from different regions of Europe.The common objective of all activities in the project is awakening in the community (in particular children and adolescents, but not only) feeling of belonging to his place in the city, boosting the value of what is local identity and conscious citizenship, as well as raising awareness of local resources (eg. explore interesting places that not everyone knows, show the resources of the city or even neighborhood) and continue building a sense of European identity.The project consist of 2 activities in the period 01.09.2016 - 31.07.2017:The first is the Foundation FERSO. Volunteers will deal with the topic reviztalization. The main aim will be to promote volunteer activities among residents of the Lodz region of which is rooted local identity in the intercultural context. Common discovering Lodz in the context of European and international awareness will help to strengthen the bond of young people with the city, and to build their European awareness.The second action - four kindergartens, where Volunteers will work with children, leading activities in the area of culture, nature and movement. In this action the main objective of the volunteers will be to promote intercultural context (which will already happened by the contact with a person from another country) based on building local identity and active attitude among children and their parents.All volunteers will work with the local community (whether in schools, kindergartens, or with the inhabitants of the city) that, thanks to their active efforts not only will raise awareness of the target groups on issues of interculturalism, the identity of both European and local, but also will move them to change the perception of your immediate surroundings. We want to strengthen these communities so that they can carry out the changes they want to see, and this will only occur when they will find, and establish theirs local identity, defines the place in which they live as their own.We promote active methods, for including, based on dialogue and cooperation. Such methods will be used in the work of the volunteers and give them to work with others.
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