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Realizacja potrzeb Zespołu Szkół Nr 4 a mobilność europejska
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

School Complex No. 4 in Warsaw is a Vocational Secondary School engaged in didactic, educational and organizational activities. The overriding purpose of these activities is to implement the school vision and mission, which is supporting a comprehensive development of pupils, their personality development and passage to adulthood, while at the same time forming a moral, family and social attitude and outlook of future citizens. It was for the good of the pupils that the Board of Management and the school staff undertook the challenge to write a project as a part of the ERASMUS+ program, which provides an opportunity to improve the school's educational offer, give it a European dimension, make the school more modern, and to overcome the most important problems of the school. This is why the top goals of the project include strengthening the professional profile of the teacher, improving innovativeness and the quality of teaching modernising the educational system and reducing early school leaving as well as developing IT skills. 6 staff members of the school are taking part in the project, chosen on the basis of prepared criteria. They will take training courses within the European Union. These staff members are aware of their educational needs and needs of the school. They are determined to implement the most important ideas gained from the courses, which comply with the strategic ideas of the School Sign Plan. The staff members who will have the opportunity to take part in the courses are the following: the English teacher, also the coordinator will see what more can be learnt as regards using IT during classes in order to meet the requirements of the computerised world, conduct more interesting classes, and have closer contact with the pupils, and so has chosen a course in Malta; the German teacher, in spite of her having begun her career only recently, feels the need to introduce new teaching methods and techniques, and whose top goal is to encourage pupils to take German as an A-level subject. This is why she has chosen a course in Germany; the Polish teacher will take part in the course in Italy and sees an opportunity to acquire the necessary knowledge which she will be able to pass on to her pupils to prepare them for the new Polish language A-levels examination. The course in England will help to solve the school's most serious problem of young people prematurely dropping out of education or interrupting education. The possibility of exchanging experience with other European course participants and of studying ways of counteracting this phenomenon led the school to send three school members so that the overall effect would be greater . Participants in this course will make it possible to prepare information brochures and training courses for the remaining staff members, which will translate into better end results. The persons who will take part in this course are the following: the English teacher who has seen more and more young people abandoning education and destroying their futures, depriving themselves of a better personal and professional life. The teacher of vocational subjects wants to make pupils aware of the benefits of studying in a vocational school. A pupil who graduates from this school and passes a vocational examination will have the chance of finding interesting job in Poland and abroad. The problem of interrupting education or indeed school education is best understood by the school counselor, which is why she will play a significant role in the course, as she who devotes long hours talking to pupils who have their own ideas about what to do with their lives at the same time sacrificing their school education. All the tasks aimed at preparing and implementing the long-term benefits for the school, as well as a positive impact on the staff and pupils. The following are the most important results of the project which the coordinators assume will be seen: an improvement in pupil attendance and a fall in dropping out of school, an improvement in the quality of the school's educational offer, making teaching methods more attractive, improving the professional skills of the teachers, and modernising the teaching methods with the use of IT.The project participants will not only implement in the school the new skills and knowledge, but above all they will share them with other school staff so that even those persons who did not take part in the trip will be able to benefit from the knowledge and experience of their colleagues in order to create a better, stronger and more attractive school which works for the benefit of the pupils since they are the most important part of the future of Poland and a united Europe.
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