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Réalités professionnelles dans l'Europe du transport, de la logistique et de la maintenance.
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project forms part of a continuation of the different European programmes which we have undertaken successfully over the last 15 years. The benefits of these projects as far as are concerned the participants, the teaching team, our establishment and in the medium term the companies which go on to employ our students are invaluable. If the development of language skills through such experiences cannot be denied, the discovery of new working methods and techniques are also important. These observations and first-hand experience can, eventually, be re-used in local businesses. The fact of living an experience far from home in small without the physical presence of an accompanying staff member helps to develop autonomy and organisational skills on a daily basis (meals, transport, free-time activities …). This project is based on our past experiences but will also innovate due to the collaboration with two educational establishments which have any similarities with ours, one in Sweden and the other in the United Kingdom. Participants will receive training on hybrid and electric vehicles validated by a certificate presented by South Devon College in Paignton, UK which is an establishment at the height of new energy-saving technology. We are certain that such an initiative will be greatly appreciated by future employers. This experience will be followed by a reciprocal arrangement for our British partners. We also hope to expand our proposal of work experience placements abroad to the « Heavy Goods Vehicle driving and Goods Transport» section in collaboration with a Swedish technical college Rönnowska Skolan in Helsingborg. In fact, this establishment also proposes a similar course and is therefore in contact with transport professionals in the country. We feel certain that this experience will lead to a partnership between our two establishments as has already been the case for the mechanics sections. The specificity of work experience placements in the field of HGV driving will lead us to reduce the periods of in-company training as students will only be able to accompany drivers. The Erasmus+ programme which permits short duration placements of 2 weeks would perfectly suit this type of experience. All the participants in this programme are final year Professional Baccalauréat students from the different sections in our establishment - maintenance, logistics and transport. We will privilege the sending of small groups of students, between 3 and 5, in order to ensure the quality of the placements both within the company as well as the accommodation. Proceeding in this way, we hope to develop the initiative-taking skills of the participants. Partner companies are chosen according to the different tasks that they can propose in accordance with the course curricula of our students and also according to the technical equipment they possess. We inform the companies of the different stages of the training courses followed by the students as well as the content of examinations, which necessitates pre-placement preparation. The entire European project, with the support of the headmaster, is managed by a team of volunteer teachers. One person coordinates the group throughout the year and has the administrative and financial responsibility. One teacher per destination country is clearly identified for colleagues and students. This organisation means that projects can be formed over a long-term basis and allow for the replacement of the different actors (due t retirement) over a long period of time. The impact of the European Project in our establishment can be quantified by the number of participants who undertake periods of work experience abroad each year. Our partner companies talk of a feeling of increased dynamics and a feeling of openness towards others amongst their personnel. Local businesses have encouraged us to continue in this direction and to propose this « European Dimension » to students who wish to participate as part of the obligatory work experience training which is an integral part of their course. Experience of this kind is looked upon as being an important employment criterion. Schools with which we have created links continue to work with us and we are always available to help them in any reciprocal projects. Because of our geographical situation, we feel it is necessary to propose added value to our courses. The European dimension is a valuable complement that we promote in our different publications, in career conferences, open days and local media … At a crucial time when young people are making important career decisions, we feel that this dimension is an important criterion.
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