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Start date: Jan 1, 2015, End date: Dec 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project Real youth in action in rural areas falls under the category of mobility of youth workers and professional staff in the youth field (study visit). There were 26 persons participating into the project from 10 partner organizations that came from 8 different programe countries (Slovenia, Spain, Turkey-2 org.,, Latvia, Italy, Romania, Macedonia). Participants were gender balanced, their age was from 25 to 55 years (mostly over 30 years old), and they had different cultural, religious, political,… backround and belief. The main criteria for selection were experience in youth work, motivation to participate, to share experience, to use the results of the study visit, to have interest in the chosen topics (rural area) and working with selected target groups (young people with less opportunities). There were two persons with less opp. involved into the project, that were youth leaders, volunteers who have been unemployed for a long time. After the project ended one of them found a job. The project started on 1. 1. 2015, and ended 12 months later on 31. 12. 2015. Places of organizing the activities in preparatory and dissemination phase were local area of each partner. Study visit happened in city Krško, its rural areas, region Posavje and neighbor villages. They stayed in two hotels in the rural area (2 person/per room with own bathroom). The time of the study visit was from 11. to 18. May 2015. The project source are longlasting (many years) partnership and maintaining contacts youth workers from partner org. with the person in charge of the project. They met each other on international activities and talked about experience with working with youth, good pratices, systemic regulation in Slovenia and Krško in the youth field. The other participants showed a great interest in that and thought that it was a unique and an excellent good practice. So, we decided together that we would organize a study visit on the selected topics: working with random youth and those who are facing some difficulties (social, economic exclusion, low education, commintting crime in the past, rural areas,…). Main objectives of the project were exchanging expereince in the youth field in Europe, strengthening and development of youth fied in Europe, strengthening partnerships of familiar organizations in international field, exchanging good practices and searching for the best possible solution in youth work, working with youth in rural areas and involving young people with fewer opportunities (where our local communitiy has solved that problem amazingly well), systemic regulations on local, regional and national level of youth work in Slovenia, better recognition of Erasmus + and informal learning, integration of formal and informal learning, personal and professional development of youth workers, connecting with other local youth organizations, a dialogue with decision makers, cultural and tolerance growth of the participants and other persons involved into the project, better recognition of EU institutions that work with youth, more positive attitude towards EU,… Main activities of the project were: exploring 4 youth spots in rural areas and participation on the common workshops, activities for our young people, exploring learning farm, correctional home for youth, Roma village, visiting local primary schools in the rural area, a debate on the topics about international cooperation in Erasmus +, presentation of youth field in every participating country to local decision makers, dialogue with the EU parliament representative, cultural evening, a debate about informal learning, participating in local TV and regional radio station and in written media. The used methods were participatory kind, as participants do experienced the activities that we organize for youth. The chosen methods were active, interesting, informal and experience kind. They supported personal and professional growth of the youth workers that participated in the project. Activities were organized in a smaller, mixed groups. At the end of the project some of the participants received a Youthpass, those who wanted to, that they filled in invididually. The results were shown outside the participating organizations and were visible to wide target group. Visibilty and dissemination were an important phase of each partner organization during preparatory phase (using Erasmus + supporting statement, logos). While being in Krško, all participants daily gave their opinion to local media and put their toughts and photos on their social networks. The short movie from the project was shown on our local TV and also we were aired in the regional radio. Some of the partners were hosted in the media after returning home. All of them organized presentaions of the project results, contacts and the material for local youth organizations, political decision makers in youth field. The results of the project are also new future projects in Erasmus +.

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