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READY STUDY GO AROUND EUROPE! Linguistic and Cultural Coaching in Initial Vocational Education (RSGAE!)

READY STUDY GO AROUND EUROPE! (2013-2015) followed the European Language Award 2008 winning Ready-Study-Go (2005-2008) Leonardo Language project for linguistic and cultural coaching, which planned and created e-learning packages for language and cultural training for a work-based learning period. The aim of the RSGAE! was to transfer the innovation to two new languages: Hungarian and Polish. This project created general language package for both languages and sector specific packages for the hotel and restaurant and vehicle in Hungarian as well as tourism in Polish. In addition the original innovation was also transferred to the social and health care sector in several languages (Finnish, Swedish, Estonian, Italian and Spanish).As another transfer of innovation, the aim of the project was presenting the material in a mobile friendly approach thus promoting contextual learning and making it possible to use the material in real life working situations in work places more easily.Material is intended to be used by vocational students to prepare for their work-based learning period, teachers and work place instructors. Also employees of the interns will be able to use the material in their personnel training. The material was developed by teams of vocational and language teachers. This enabled development of language teaching integrated with vocational content. The partners in the project are experts in their own field of education and key actors have solid experience in trans-national projects and also in the dissemination of the result of the project. Working language was English. When creating learning material it is important to have a wide spectrum of expertise with different approaches involved. This ensures that the materials are relevant all over Europe. By supporting lively discussion amongst different levels of education in the vocational education and training the project also enables a more solid basis for the work and the outcomes.
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