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Ready >> Set >> Go - for life after school as happy Europeans
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

“Ready >> Set >> Go - for life after school as happy Europeans”. How can young Europeans achieve happiness? Very often happiness is taken as a given thing, something fated that you can hardy influence. We think differently and we are convinced that you can be the architect of your own future! And obviously there is a need for support in this field. In some countries happiness has become part of the curriculum and happiness lessons are an inevitable component of the weekly timetable. Consequently the main objective of this project is to provide methods, guidelines and activities for young people, students in our case, to get along in their daily routine at school and to manage the transition to life in the after school period. This is why we adopt the goals of the EU ‘strategic framework’ Education and Training 2020 and integrate the targets of the Europe 2020 strategy. What do young people need and what can we provide? In our project the answers to these questions are not the result of a survey, in a project limited to two years that would take too much time and organisational effort, but the provision of useful actions, support and guidelines, along which students can manage their everyday life. Now how does this appear in detail? The schools involved in this project develop, test und transfer different support mechanisms to help in various fields. An appropriate job contributes in a very high rate to contentedness and it is a core request of ET 2020 to find lasting jobs for young people. The project develops and issues a career planning schedule that doesn’t create new jobs and this can’t be a claim towards schools, but it guides students into a realistic approach towards job finding, in accordance with their individual interests and abilities. This prevents dropout at schools and during job training in the time after. Even happy people do have conflicts but they know how to handle them. The project will train students how to do so. Good health and happiness go well together. The project schools will provide a lot of sportive and motion activities during the school days and after, instructed by one of the partners. Schemes and activities in volunteering especially experienced in the field of social care can be another source of happiness. Doing good is the best way to feel good, to achieve this, students will be offered various opportunities for volunteering. International cooperation requires profound skills in IT, basics and the tools needed in this regard will be discussed and conveyed to the students. And finally the students get across with the culture of the European partner countries in particular with music and dances. This is to show the diversity but in the same way the chance to get to know and accept these differences and come to terms with them. The idea is that each country concentrates on one issue, develops a toolbox, schedule, model, video, etc… and transfers the activities to the other partners, whenever possible in workshops and seminars. In a kind of mentoring system these students and teacher experts will implement it at their schools, test and apply the various activities adapted to the local situation, change and add parts and report to wherever it has been developed. In the end there will be a project website with a collection of tools that equip students with the basics they need for a happy life. Besides we will use the experience of previous projects to foster some of the basic skills of students; reading in various contexts and learning techniques for school and lifelong learning. All together a current state of happiness in the sense of the project will provide motivated students and prevent dropout! All the tools, activities and methodological examples will be collected and displayed on a website operated by one of our partners. This way the results are available to a large community of other schools and the results and information can easily be added or modified. The participating schools will integrate the ideas of the project, to a manageable extent and as far as they apply, into their curriculum and hopefully others will follow. The implementation in the curriculums of the schools guarantees sustainability and application in the long-term view. This is necessary because the creation of an atmosphere of happiness is a process which we indent to initiate and provide with tools, but that will by no means be completed at the end of the project. The long tradition of integrating previous project work in the daily routine which most of the schools have makes us confident that this will happen in the aftermath of our project as well. Partner countries will be Cyprus, Italy, Lithuania, Slovakia, Spain and Sweden with Germany in charge of the project coordination. All the schools have different assets; they determine their part of the project work. Happiness fuels success – we create happiness to facilitate the success of young Europeans.
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