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Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: Jan 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Training course “ReaDy! SeT! aCTioN! – PROCEED and SUCCEED (YOU are THE MESSAGE)!" is going to gather 30 youth workers, trainers and volunteers from 11 different partner organizations from European Union and Partner countries. Training course is dedicated to enrich (or build foundation) knowledge about audiovisual (photography and video) measures as tools to increase society awareness about NGOs organized activities, ERASMUS+ program financed activities and other projects or actions directed to social work and positive impact on society for all the participants. During the training course participants will get introduced to various photography and video techniques; photo and video editing; social networks and mass media refinements and new points of view to treat media as a “human” message, specially fighting "hate speech" phenomena; Latest approach in communication technologies, where Organisation does not create "message", but creates interest or action which provokes people to create multiple, unique, personal messages for the Organisation and spread it. Participants will learn when and what is the optimum time and information to upload onto different social networks, how to approach mass media and get your message posted; how to make society and participants to become a live message; how to choose relevant and most effective video or photos to illustrate information you want to pass. The aim of the project is: ReaDy – get information and knowledge you need to proceed with your planned presentation [Idea of the seed] + SeT – collect needed materials, staff and other needs for your planned presentation [plant the seed] ---> aCTioN – PROCCEED and SUCCEED[here you have the tree]! Training course “ReaDy! SeT! aCTioN! – PROCEED and SUCCEED (YOU are THE MESSAGE)!" has three main objectives: -To encourage youth leaders/workers/trainers use audiovisual techniques and art for creation of their projects, activities presentation in public, social networks, mass media etc. - To create space for youth leaders/workers/trainers to start working together for fighting ''hate speech' and be able to use various mass and social media channels for reaching concrete results. - Raise the problem of low level NGO's works presentations in public and as a result giving smaller impact on local and international level. Based on this create different valuable guidelines for effective projects and activities presentations using audiovisual techniques in mass, social media channels.All timetable of the training course will be created based on non-formal education consistently divided in to several parts: audiovisual arts (shooting, editing pictures and video), Social and mass media (social networks, blogs, newspapers, tv and radio), hate-speech and hand-book creation. The timetable will be balanced paying attention to mix presentation type of activities with non-formal education based activities and more active workshops in order to address different learning styles. Daily results will be evaluated during reflection groups. In the beginning of the project participants will express their expectations and during final evaluation they will evaluate if they have reached them. During the training course we are going to use these different methods: Audiovisual arts, discussions, interactive presentations, movement therapy, social games, team building activities, energizers, role-play, simulations, brainstorming, name games and etc.The final results of the project are going to be: 1. Tutorial videos created together with the participants, which would be an easy to understand and use for every beginner user about video/photo tools and ways of their application in social and mass media channels.2. Presentation of project outcomes in Kaunas Municipality for various NGO's and other third parties, that are interested in gaining basic, but high quality skills in working with audiovisual techniques and getting some general information about "Hate Speech".
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11 Partners Participants