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Read for a Bright Future
Start date: 06 Jun 2016, End date: 05 Jan 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

ContentCommunication organs, particularly visual media is insufficient for the society to get the reading habit. There is almost no Tv programs to encourage people to have reading habits. Media doesnt present the people, who reads, as a model to the society.Morever, internet, mobile phones Tv, computer games etc affect people in a negative way about having reading habit. Therefore, our Project is about to gain the reading habit. According to the research done by Unesco, there is almost no reading habits in Turkey. In Europe, the rate of reading book is %21, but in Turkey its only 1 in 10.000. According to the research, Turkish people watch 6 hours of Tv and use internet 3 hours in a day, but reads only 6 hours in a year. Morever, Turkey is at the bottom of the list about reading book with the rate of %0,1 among the countries which read most.Our main goal in this Project; to get conscious about the obstacles which comes out during our daily life (Tv, internet, mobile … ), to encourage the young people about reading book and to explain the pozitive affects of reading book for the human life.Goals of our project:Overall aim of our Project is to develop new strategies which will increase the habit of reading book for the youth workers and young people.Our objectives are as follows:1- To prepare new Project drafts which will increase the habit of reading book for young people2- To disseminate the good practices which is for increasing the habit of reading book with our partners and related institutions3- To make youth workers conscious about the importance of reading book4- To increase the habit of reading book for the youth workers5- To create awareness for the local people about reading book Number of participant and participant profile:There will be 48 people from 3 countries. The age gap will be 15-25 in our Project. Among our participants, there will be someone who has done some research and who is experienced about the habit of reading book, there will be someone who put reading book to the center of his life, someone who is experienced about youth projects and a disadvantaged person for whom it is difficult to get a book because of the difficulties of life.Description of the methodology to be used and activities:Training week will start with dinner to know each other and there will be warm up activities, orientation , group meetings, official opening, giving information about the project, group dynamics, cohesion games, activity of danger at the door, presentations of experts to give general information about reading book, culture night , activity of whats your offer?, discussion, report preparation, public library visits, reading activities in main square, NGO fairs , posters studies , group presentations with original ideas, creative drama, developing project and presenting it, preparing report, dissemination activities and activity of preparing project.Group work, refreshing , ice breakers , games, actuators , group dynamics, games, discussions, presentations, brainstorm , learning by experience , problem analysis, questions and answers, field visits, individual work, drama , exhibition and survey methods will be used during project activities .Expected results and a brief description of the impact:The linguistic competences and skills of the participants will improve in the project where the communication language is English. It will be possible for the participants to have information about different cultures, to have friendships, to have tolreance and to break their prejudices with the culture naight to be organized. They will develop sense of responsinility, will increase self confidence with group work and will develop their skills of expressing their idease. The cooperation and communication among the organizations will increase with the NGO fair, the participants will see other organizational works, will understand their ideas. the practices will be examined with the field visits, the participants will be willing to take part in gaining the habit of reading books, they will research the life the society lives in and they will have the anxiety to reach the desired. the participants' skills of problem analysis and problem solving will be developed with the concrete data; they will discover the potential future problems and they will onsider about this issue more consciously. Benefits of the Project in a long term :By raising awareness about gaining the habit of reading books in the society with the project implemented, they will inspire about writing new projects on this issue. Thus contribution will be made to forming a society consisting of individuals, young people reading, listening, thinking, scrutinizing, self confident.
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