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Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project "READ ALOUD RISE EUROPE" (R.A.R.E.) is coordinated by Turkey with the partner schools in Poland,Italy,Germany and Hungary.The project includes read aloud activities by the students for;the nursery children ,the primary school children,the old,the disabled,their friends, the parents as well as for their own personal development and about future plans, universities, departments, different jobs or career planning,the nature and environment besides the global newspapers and magazines.They will read aloud in different places such as; the classroom,the school garden,home,the parks,the nature or even the beach. The students will also read aloud in different genres such as;poems,short stories,novels,tales and legends and about various topics such as; health,career planning/worldwide universities,different jobs,personal development ,technology-ICT skills,environment, animals and plants,global warming,culture and study skills. For all these activities,we are going to use 16 well-known and pedagogically suitable world classic books in both English and our mother tongues as well as brochures and booklets. Apart from these internationally known books,we will create a set of original adventure books in both printed and audio versions (like e-books) each.We will have a chief character or a mascot "Boukey"that will make the project alive.At the end,we will have a set of “original” outcome that will be beneficial for anyone in 6 different languages;English,Turkish,Polish,German,Italian and Hungarian that will be published and put on the project web site and twinspace. The objectives of the project are;developing basic and transversal skills of the students such as reading,writing,speaking and listening in language and literature,thus helping them achieve more success,improving digital skills and multilingualism in literature,using innovative and student-centred activities,developing appropriate assessment and certification methods, based on learning outcomes;enhancing Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) uptake in teaching and learning, through their tablets,the digital platforms and learning materials and access to open educational resources (OER),contributing to improving the attainment of teenagers, particularly those at risk of early school leaving and with low level of the four basic skills,encouraging the learning and development of modern foreign languages by both students and staff through creating plenty of opportunities in which they can use their linguistic abilities in meaningful contexts,promoting stronger coherence between different EU and national transparency and recognition tools, so as to ensure that skills and qualifications can be easily recognized across borders; improving the students as a whole with their basic and artistic skills for a higher academic success;enabling the students to realize that there are many different countries in Europe, each with their own culture, traditions, and attributes, but with a common interest of reading aloud books or acting out. The project will organise five transnational meetings and three teaching learning activities named “Designing Book Covers and Improving Painting Skills” in Italy,"Theatre Week of the Classics-Romeo and Juliet" in Poland and " The Quiz Show of The Classics" in Turkey in the process. The products of the project will be; a twinspace page,a web-site,a set of five original short stories of” Boukey”,R.A.R.E Magazine 2015 and 2016,a “patchwork” video of the project message,R.A.R.E. Diaries of the students,various book covers,the illustrations of the book series,and paintings for the books,“This is MY Story” Competition Book with the best original stories written by students, e-books,audio books,kindles,short plays/dramas or films of the "Boukey's Adventures", brochures on various topics,reading materials for the public on billboards/walls,project corners at schools regularly designed with new materials,school newspapers,Erasmus + Project links at the web-sites of all the schools,competitions,videos,presentations,interviews,seminars and posters. By the end of the project activities;the participants institutions will have achieved; better competence in foreign language and literature(especially the world classical books),a higher level of digital competence;greater understanding and responsiveness to social, linguistic,literal and cultural diversity; more active participation in society;more positive attitude towards the European project and the EU values;better understanding and recognition of skills and qualifications in Europe,competences linked to the teaching skills,broader understanding of practices, policies and systems in education,across countries,greater understanding of interconnections between formal, non-formal education,opportunities for professional and personal development;increased motivation,satisfaction of work and lifelong desire to keep on reading at anywhere and anytime.
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