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Reaching the Lost Generation
Start date: Sep 1, 2014, End date: Aug 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The objective of the “Reaching the Lost Generation” project is to develop the entrepreneurial potential of 16-24 year old young people across Europe. This programme will utilise the skills of 4 organisations from Germany, Hungary, Poland and the UK, who have wealth of experience of working with disengaged young people to develop in partnership, a standard approach to enable 96 young people to achieve their full potential. In the programme Reaching the Lost Generation different phases can be defined: Phase one – We identify the groups to be worked with. Each country will identify 2 groups of 12 NEET young people Phase two - We would then carry out psychometric testing to identify a base line for each of the individual candidates in the group with regard to their core values, abilities, strengths and limitations, their ability to relate to others, team working, work style and what they want from life in terms of careers. All materials will be produced in the 4 languages of the participating countries. Phase three - We would then work with the groups to improve their entrepreneurial skills, we would start in all four countries at the same time, feedback what has been successful, and develop the tool as we learn from each group to construct the most effective programme. Then again we will with work with other groups using the revised materials. The programme would be therefore developed with 8 separate groups, 2 per country. Phase four - We then assess the individuals at the end of the programme using the same assessment tool we used at the beginning, which would give us a method of measuring which areas had been the most effective and adjusting those which were least effective. Phase 5 – the progression of each young person in each group would be monitored for 12 months, asking how they are progressing every 3 months and movements into self- employment, employment, education and training monitored and collated in a final report. Phase six - the development of a final programme with learning materials developed in the language of each country. The final entrepreneurship programme would be distributed throughout each participating country and would be made available on the internet to all other countries interested in the project. Phase seven - Dissemination Group. The dissemination group would coordinate the dissemination of the project through, use of the Erasmus plus dissemination platform, project internet site, project blogs, candidate blogs, candidate case studies, educational articles, presentations, newspaper articles, success story advertising. This group would consist of one person from each of the organisations concerned and a multi media communication specialist to ensure the most effective usage of the current media.

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