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Reaching out: Connecting youth in Aschaffenburg
Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 31 Jul 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project background + implementation:With our joint project, we want to promote the competences of two volunteers. The aim is to build up a solid foundation, which strengthens them in their process of choosing a career + encourages them in their social commitment beyond Europe’s borders. To ensure that the project is successful all parties are equally involved. In everyday life, the volunteers are involved in the working routine of the JUKUZ/children’s home. In addition, every week hours are set aside for advancing their language skills + for the development, planning + implementation of project ideas. Therefore, key competences acquired from the vocational context + the creative project work, are later on presented in form of a project result and the conclusion of the project.Participants + activities:The JUKUZ volunteer is 23 years old and from Russia. She’ll support the staff in various sport projects of the “International Mobile Youth Work” and projects of the “Open Youth Work”. In various sport projects, to which especially disadvantaged children + adolescents get access to, the volunteer actively supports the staff to initiate and shape basketball/football projects.An exchange takes place in youth projects + leisure activities in which the children + adolescents are sensitised for intercultural and European topics. This strengthens their sense of belonging. The volunteer’ll initiate her own projects + give an insight into her life of her home country + culture.The children’s home volunteer is 25 years old and from the Ukraine. She’ll support the staff of the children’s home by actively participating in the family life (e.g. meal times, homework + leisure time) as well as in activities outside the institution (e.g. sport, festivals + school holiday leisure activities). In various smaller projects initiated and carried out by her, the volunteer’ll try to bring her own home country + culture close to the children + adolescents and thereby promote an intercultural exchange and joint learning. Aims, outcomes + impacts of the project:Advancement of the volunteer:Through the acquired competences, qualifications, language skills and personal development (documented in the Youth Pass) the chances of the volunteer to find a job after the EVS’ll be greatly improved. Advancement of the children/youth work:Especially the disadvantaged children + adolescents of the children’s home but also the children + adolescents of the JUKUZ (e.g. in the “Offene Jugendarbeit”) experience in everyday life, in sport projects, youth exchanges, festivals and leisure activities an exchange which sensitises them for intercultural and European topics and strengthens their sense of belonging.Incorporating of young refugees, asylum seekers + migrants:Young refugees, asylum seekers + migrants become involved and get integrated in sports projects but also in the “Offener Jugendtreff” of the JUKUZ. Furthermore, young refugees have found a home in the children’s home. Together with all the other children + adolescents, they live in groups and are integrated in family and everyday life. Through the integration of refugees, asylum seekers + migrants, the tolerance and plurality as well as the raising of awareness of common values in our society is thereby promoted. The intense exchange of the refugees with the children + adolescents of the city of Aschaffenburg leads to a reduction of prejudices and racism. The volunteers aid this process. Networking:The networking between all involved organisations’ll be strengthened. Also, through the joint project, the target groups of the organisations are brought into contact and an exchange is facilitated. New, hopefully long-lasting cooperations with foreign partner organisations are established.Sport projects:Through the sport projects offered by the “Mobile internationale Jugendarbeit” of the JUKUZ, the motivation to participate in sportive and physical activities are promoted as well as through a sports program in the gym of the “Offener Jugendtreff”. Promotion and raising of awareness of European values:Democratic processes, participation in decision-making, equality and pluralism are initiated + implemented. Through the project, a promotion and raising of awareness of European values take place and strengthens the feeling to be a part of Europe.Long-term benefits:The outcome and long-term benefit for the volunteers are the improved chances of finding a job after the EVS and the involvement + integration of young refugees, asylum seekers + migrants into society. Prejudices and racism are reduced through the participation of children + adolescents in democratic processes and the promotion of dissemination of European values. The partnerships on local, national + international level are strengthened, cooperation is promoted. Through the project and the public relations it entails, the level of awareness of the ERASMUS+ program is promoted and its contents disseminated.
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