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Re-start women 2.0
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 30 Nov 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

A European goal is to increase the percentage of adults in vocational trainings up to 15% (by 2020). Various strategies have been proposed in order to achieve these games, e.g. more support for employees in transitions, special offers for the unskilled, validation of knowledge acquired in informal situations and encouragement of women. All over the world it is mostly women who interrupt their vocational career in order to care for their children and family. After this career break many women find it difficult to find a new job because their knowledge is not up to date anymore; processes have changed and technologies have advanced. When finally reentering the workforce most of these women have to face the gender wage gap and discriminated against whenever it comes to promotions. The project restart 2.0 aims to facilitate the way back into the work force for women after maternity leave. In summary it will provide an online platform containing different content, e.g. Microsoft Office courses, management knowledge, an English course and the pass of competences, a tool developed to document the knowledge women acquired during their time at home (e.g. time management, organizational skills). To contribute these skills to a European level and to fulfill the needs of the labor market, we developed the module “intercultural competence” which facilitates international/European competences of methods, decision-making and responsibility. The module “Services“ completes the platform with support for questions about childcare and child support. Thanks to the platform the women can prepare for their return while still at home. They can autonomously organize their lesson which makes the program suitable for women with small children or other duties. All Modules of the platform are using low-level educational rudiments and methods with the ambition to provide a transparent learning-environment for un- and low-skilled women and therefor reaches the public at large. All modules correlate to the situation of women re-entering the job market to foster the virtual mobility, which is the basis of our information society, all offers of the project are optimized for mobile usage. The platform features an innovative open interactive module called “Wiki-Fem-Professional”, which will be integrated into the platform and offers the following capabilities: - Free access to all interested parties in Europe (woman re-entering the job-market, working woman, woman in parental leave…) - The possibility of entering job- or software-related information and learning content for all interested parties, following the example of online-lexica like “Wikipedia” - The possibility of subject-specific on- and offline communication for all interested parties, following the example of social media Therefor Wiki-Fem-Professional is a unique European platform for women re-entering the job market and working women, which will be enhanced continuously by the attendance‘s input and provides job-related solutions European-wide. Owing to the open and free access the usage is open to the public at large and therefore provides information about the situation in the different European countries (Competences, problems of women re-entering the job, needs of the employers,…). This means not only for the participants an additional benefit, it also provides information for political decisions to improve the perspectives of returning. Therefor and because of the interactive European-wide and long-term advantage after the projects end, and through the wide spread of the content, the project meets the demand of sustainability in a special way. The project will be run by the European partners United Kingdom, Italy, Croatia, the Netherlands and Germany, who all have longtime experiences in vocational assistance and training of women. Through the wide diversity of the partner‘s competences (e.g. management-, ICT- or training competences), they complement each other concerning the project-contents and –aims. Die Zusammenarbeit ermöglicht den konstanten Austausch der besten Methoden und Erfahrungen und garantiert damit die Weiterentwicklung des Projektes und die damit verbundenen Ergebnisse in den einzelnen teilnehmenden Ländern. The cooperation allows the constant exchange of the best methods and experiences and guarantees the further development of the project and therefor the related results in each single participating country.
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