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Re-orientation and Labour Market Insertion for persons aged over 45 years: Development of an Experimental Model – Reorienta45

The Reorienta45 project will address the fact that persons aged over 45 years (employed and unemployed) face significant challenges when forced to change profession, to include, amongst others, the possession of obsolete skills, a lack of flexibility in meeting change, a lack of education and difficulty in accessing relevant information. In response to this, the project will develop a methodology to assist in the professional re-orientation of persons aged over 45 years, focusing specifically upon the construction and transport sectors. Project activities will include a transnational analysis of the problems faced by the target group; an investigation into the gaps in guidance and training provision; the development of methodology to support improved guidance and labour market insertion; the identification of tools to support guidance and re-training, with a focus on the use of ICT and the definition of possible training scenarios. Outputs will include a study of the problems faced by the target group, a quality model for the provision of guidance, a module for awareness-raising amongst employers, a series of training modules including one specifically aimed at guidance counsellors working with the target group and a dedicated web platform allowing access for the target group and for employers/guidance professionals. Dissemination will rely upon a series of information days and publicity materials aimed at introducing the project and will promote the end results of the project via the web platform.
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