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Re-creation by genetics: new ways of life?

We want to analyze an emerging scientific topic starting from observation of the phenomenon, and try to explain, according to the standards of high school students’ understanding, the state of art, methods employed, contributions of other countries on the same subject and their peer evaluation.Moreover, European at first and then other partners' regulations which control the matter, and perception that other people have of the examined matter.We have three main aims:- Stimulating critical attitude and analysis ability, eliciting the wish to discover, to carry out a research; stimulating curiosity;- Making students live science as a global experience, shared with other cultures;- Increasing self consciousness, improving knowledge by comparing results with partnersRe-creation as it will concern Genetics, therefore new forms of life, ethic, moral, legislative concerns, consequences for our life style which might result, people’s awareness in different countries.Re-creation as we want it to be carried out in a pleasant way, which may stimulate our pupils to collaborate, to open their mind to what is new, to make new discoveries without prejudices or discrimination
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