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Start date: Aug 1, 2009,

The Training Course entitled "Re-Creating PR for NGO" will include 32 paricipants from society organizations and non-profit youth sector.from 8 countries from EU 4 and SEE 4. The project aims at developing the quality of youth activities and capabilities of civil society organizations in the youth field. Non-profit organizations like any other organizations need to communicate with its public to survive. This is one of the main reasons why non-profit organizations should consider forming a long term PR strategy. This training aims at improvement of the participants' competences, knowledge, skills and attitudes to higher quality practice in the youth field in general. The main project objective is to develop an understanding of the nature of PR and the role of the practitioners, to recognize the key areas of PR involvement and to make familiar the basic concepts and principles of PR.The project aims to train NGO employees and project managers how to build and maintain positive and cooperative relationship with the public. The project objectives are to train the participants to: -set measurable PR objectives; to facilitate and support project objectives, demonstrating that the PR activities support the project goals and are thereby "strategic"; to demonstrate accountability thus enable the participants to give concrete answers to PR needs and start thinking strategically about PRing in their organizations. The project aims to help the participants to develop skills through non-formal learning methods in forms of games and real-life situations and examples, probel-solving games to acquire the following skills: critical analyisis; media analyisis; essay writing; referencing; Internet research; team work; presentations skills; ethical judgement; formulation of Pr plan and time management. The venue of the project would be Ohrid and would take time during 07-14 September 2009.

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