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RE:collect - Collecting Ideas and Resources for a Creative Society
Start date: 01 May 2015, End date: 31 Oct 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

“RE:collect - Collecting Ideas and Resources for a Creative Society” is a Mobility project coordinated by Quantic Association (RO) in partnership with Bordergate Association (IT), involving 20 youth workers in a learning seminar in Lecce (IT) and 20 young learners and 6 accompany youth workers in a Youth exchange in Tulcea (RO). In its Mobilities, it includes 20 persons facing economic and social difficulties, as well as 400 local youth in its public events; in-between and after the Mobility actions, it includes 60 youth workers and young learners as multipliers of its educational tools, around 4000 readers of its materials and messages. The partnership stemmed from the common goals, commitments and domains of work for both associations, as well as our complementary experiences (a more experienced and vocal Italian partner, and a more dynamic and innovative Romanian partner). The main project topics are: - creativity and culture, with a focus on Street Art (SA), urban art and graffiti, - youth career guidance in order to face unemployment, - gender equality (especially important in Romania, women support groups are still narrow and scarce). Its main goals are: - to enhance youth workers ability to support young learners in their career choices and integration on the European creative labour market; - to empower youth workers as creative agents of change at local and European level; - to improve young people’s chances on the local and European creative labour market, fructifying their artistic talents and passions; - to empower girls and young women to follow their passion in street art, urban arts and graffiti, to express their voice through creative means; - for our organizations to transmit a strong message of gender equality, through artistic means and cultural education; - for our organizations to contribute to a connected, mobile, creative, inclusive European society, with more opportunities for youth, and in which women face less socio-economic risks. We believe SA, urban art and graffiti represent a rich path to take in order to achieve these goals – reason why our project develops activities, tools, shared skills, networks of youth workers and passionate youth to advance on this path: 1. Preparation (May-August 2015) - Collectively preparing project presentation materials; selecting participants and preparing them for the 1st Mobility. 2. Youth workers Mobility in Italy, Lecce (September 2015) - Youth workers seminar to improve their knowledge, skills, connectedness and self-esteem as educators; - Main topics addressed: youth opportunities on the creative labour market; gender inequality and creative opportunities for young women; career guidance for youth; SA and graffiti as an empowering educational method; - Methods: visual illustrations, role games and board games, discussions and brainstorm, world café, invited speakers, field visits and meetings with local groups, case studies, simulations and maps, photography, drawing. 3. In-between Mobility activities (October 2015-June 2016) - Sharing the acquired knowledge with artists, youth workers, youth passionate about street art and graffiti – at local, national, transnational level. 4. Youth exchange in Romania, Tulcea (July 2016) - Youth exchange to offer them professionalized support in facing economic and social difficulties, to empower them to follow their passion for Street Art (SA) and graffiti, to improve their creative abilities and enhance their specialized knowledge; - Main method: street art festival. 5. Dissemination and evaluation phase (August-October 2016) - Working on a “Graffiti ABC” together with the young participants and youth workers; disseminating it through online and offline social networks, reaching an estimate of 4000 readers. These activities will have a significant impact, on several social levels: - at micro-social level, empowered youth following their creative passions, young women speaking up, and youth workers empowered as creative career guides and creative change makers; - at mezzo-social level, our strengthened organizations and transnational partnership, the refreshed cultural development of 2 almost isolated cities, new creative and empowering educational tools developed and offered for continuous re-creation; - at macro-social level (through our dissemination work and the “snow-ball” social effect), contribution to European cultural development and strengthening of SA and graffiti as artistic forms, contribution to job creation at European level, especially for young people, contribution to a more gender equal European society.
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