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Развитие на умения за общуване на английски език и организация и управление в образованието
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: Nov 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Nowadays, learning English language in kindergartens in Bulgaria it’s outside of the state educational requirements of the Education Act and it can only be done at the request of one of the parents. This desire is conditioned by the general trend today that is increasingly entering the phase; where you cant participate actively and effectively if you do not have certain language skills and competencies. Our ambition is stimulated by parental involvement that require children to start learn English at an earlier age. Learning a foreign language is an intercultural value because it stimulates openness to other cultures and values and believes of others. As a result, more educational professionals are needed in order to develop quality of educational services and international activities, most commonly known as: cultural exchange, training and improving the language skills of teachers, enrichment of language skills in children, knowledge about other educational systems, creating new contacts.The main objectives of the project are: improving the qualifications of early childhood educators and improve the conditions for acquiring skills that are needed in the society - language teaching and learning information and communication technologies. Also enhance the skills of teachers in oral expression, correct pronunciation and listening comprehensionThe project will feature three members of the teaching staff of the kindergarten, one of them has managerial position, and the remaining two are schoolteachers who teach English language to children. The director of the kindergarten participated in individual training activity in London, England. Between 2011 – 2015part of the team reached level B1, and passed a training course on " Communicative - active approach in teaching English in kindergarten with the language system POP!" /the system by which children are taught / passed to the British online courses Council. Enrollment in these courses and their acquired knowledge will help the organization and implementation of preconditioning and also in the training of successful candidatesThe main goal is the staff mobility for training through participation in a structured course in the UK the International Project Center - Exeter Topic: Developing Oral Fluency of English Language Classroom (Primary). This will also involve the following:- Activities to develop language skills and generate confidence in speaking;- Participation in classroom practice and mastery of teaching techniques applicable in working with young children; - Discussion of the age of children and how soon they must be implemented in order to learn a foreign language; - Teamwork; - Understanding of the UK education system - types of schools, identification of groups of students, special needs, National Curriculum and new developments; - Implement learned in practical situations.Upon approval of our application we will sign an agreement with the host organization. We will do preliminary and accurate estimate. We will hold accountable evidence of the financial costs and also consult with an expert accountant. Approved applicants will take part in preparatory work, consisting of:- Refresh linguistic and knowledge skills; - Get to know and understand the national education program in UK; - Preparation of materials presenting the activities of the kindergarten, the town in which we live and the Bulgarian education system.By participating in this project, we will obtain new knowledge and professional practices from the international experience of colleagues we will meet directly with the English educational system and the conditions under which it is implemented and developed, and we will learn how to teach children in a better way, methodological correctly and fun, we will gain confidence in using English and knowledge about evaluation and standardization, also we will provide an opportunity for colleagues from other nurseries to visit and observe our activities , we will encourage other colleagues from other kindergarten and raising their interest in improving the quality of teaching .Our participation in this activity will contribute to the development of the kindergarten in European dimension by sharing accurate practice of learning. Will deepen the work of subject departments in the kindergarten. Will motivate other teachers to work for training and professional development. Will open up new opportunities to work on other projects that will improve the material and technical base in the kindergarten, we will deepen the partnership with parents. All of this activity will lead to increased interest in the kindergarten and its competitiveness. .
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