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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project applicant is `Szklany Mur` - Families and Friends of the Autistic People Association in Piekary Śląskie. The company Europroyectos LdV from Spain is an intermediary institution. The project will be carried out for 12 months starting from June 2015 until June 2016. The participants will stay abroad for 7 days, from 13th February to 20th February 2016, including five working days. 8 participants are intended to go abroad for an internship. The participants popularize the knowledge of autism among parents, teachers and Polish society. In Poland there is still very little social awareness as far as autism is concerned. People sometimes react in an unfair or even cruel way. Children with autism are frequently viewed as naughty or ill-mannered and an autistic adult as a freak. It is too often that they are marginalized in our society. In order to change this situation people take various actions. `Szklany Mur` organizes conferences and workshops and in this way tries to pay attention to unacceptable discrimination, abuse and isolation of autistic people and their families. What is more, people with autism must often depend on other people. Is it mostly because of the communication barriers. The greatest problem in interpersonal relations is lack of speech or serious speech disorders. That is why people with autism often function below their intellectual, emotional and social abilities. Consequently, they can be seen as people with no need to talk, communicate and ask questions. It causes frustration, retreating into onself, withdrawing, problems with learning, avoiding people, lower self- esteem and fear. To prevent autistic people from being socially excluded, we need to learn a lot about the autism. In Poland there are just associations that deal with the problem of educating people as far as autism is concerned. It is important for us to learn how Spanish and Polish autism associations work . In this way we will be able to bring about crucial and useful changes. By using and spreading innovative solutions, the project participants could influence similar institutions in our region. Project participant will share their knowledge and successful tips with other people by organizing workshops or publishing articles in papers or websites. It may be considerably helpful for both teachers of public school working with autistic students and families of people with autism. The important elements of the projects will be the following: a) Improving working skills and abilities: - Learning working methods used for creating independence and self-reliance - Learning methods that help develop alternative communication - Learning the pieces of legislation regulating people with autism situation in the country - Learning the ways the psychological and financial support is provided - Learning the ways to prepare autistic people to work and chances for living in society b) Improving language skills c) Improving social, intercultural and adapting skills d) Promoting of social integration During our visit in Spain we are planning to arrange meetings in San Rafael School in Granada, which deals with intellectually disabled students and meetings with three associations for people with autism. They lead workshops and therapy classes for children with autism as well as offer help for their families. The institution that popularizes the associations cooperation is Federacion Autismo Andalucia, where the participants will also carry out the project. Project participants will learn the new methods of creating independence, alternative communication as well as the ways of integrating autistic people with the society. The will also have the chance to learn how the associations function in Spain. The participant will learn how important it is to improve their knowledge and education and confront it with the European market. In the future the experience gained in Spain will be of great benefit to the families and teachers. We are planning to carry out the workshops and educational meetings for the local community of Piekary Śląskie. We will inform the community through the local media about every action taken before and during the project. We intend to publish an article on our project in Dziennik Zachodni newspaper and Przegląd Piekarski and on the official Piekary Śląskie website. People involved in the project will be interviewed on the local Radio Piekary. We will promote further cooperation of the institutions involved in our project. On the Szklany Mur website people will find detailed information about the project realization and its results. Power Point Presentations will also be created. The most important expected effects will be classes, meetings, workshops and lectures for teachers and families of the autistic people. Members of Szklany Mur Association in Piekary Śląskie will take part in a training conference to learn about associations in Spain.
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