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Ray of Light
Start date: Jan 5, 2015, End date: Sep 4, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Ray of Light" has a clear objective and Membrillos Por el mundo is firmly convinced that the realization of this exchange will be useful to break down prejudices about LGBT people, promoting social integration and mutual understanding. In July 2015, 30 young participants between 18 and 30, from United Kingdom, Estonia, Holland, Czech Republic, Italy and Spain will meet and stay in a residence located in the old town of Puente Genil to live and share a unique experience. Which allow them to meet other people from other organizations who are interested in changing the current situation of discrimination and homophobia. The activities are planned through role play, where the participants will understand the social difficulties for those who suffer sexual discrimination. The participants will empathize, identify, understand and learn through direct experience of guests and other participants and visiting organizations working with the LGBT community and fighting for equal human rights, appreciating the efforts behind the achievements. Individual, psychological support on youth collective and social, such as reaching a law on equal rights. It will be analysed the impact on society of athletes who openly declare their sexuality and how it influences public opinion. Sports activities are an essential part of the program to promote mutual respect and healthy lifestyle without borders. The method used will be non-formal education; a journey through roll-play, debates, conferences on human rights, visits to organizations/associations of LGBT, sports and outdoor activities. We will explore the various laws that each country adopts about LGBT and through sports activities, they may develop a sense of unity, cooperation and understanding. As a result, the participants will have the opportunity to develop personally and open their minds to new concepts. They also will outline the key points where to work and to create a stable cooperation in future projects. "Ray of Light" will have a strong impact on local community of each promoter, this will be the beginning of a real social integration that will cause a positive change in attitude towards the LGBT community, providing understanding and no prejudice. The project will benefit the increasing of social integration and awareness of European citizens on mutual respect, through more projects. Participants will live in first person the meaning of being discriminated through role play and direct encounters with the LGBT community and will outline an action plan to implement in their localities.
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