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Randvere kool õpetajate õpiränne
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The aim of the project is to support the development of teachers’ digital competence and thereby create conditions to improve the school's digital culture. The aim will be achieved when teachers plan their teaching process while taking into consideration the needs of the learners in the 21st century. The main factors to be considered are consistently and purposefully using digital technology in the learning process, using digital technology to integrate the subjects, supporting learners' motivation to learn, making the learning more attractive and raising the quality, involving the parents in the learning process to develop a common digital school culture.Randvere School is presently implementing digital technology at all educational levels and in all subjects. The conditions needed to achieve the project’s goals are already established in the school’s infrastructure and the technological support exists. The school’s staff has access to various digital resources and the possibility to participate in monthly workshops where experiences, new tools and methods are shared.In this mobility project four members of Randvere school will participate. This target group will be teachers who regularly use digital tools in the learning process and are willing to share what they have learned with other teachers of the school. It’s important for all the participants to support learnings’ motivation and one possibility is through using digital technology to make learning more attractive and fun. Using today's digital infrastructure has many possibilities: students’ own smartphones, the school’s technology, similar interfaces, web services, cloud solutions, etc. All of these possibilities must be taken advantage of in a meaningful way.This mobility project will give Randvere School the possibility to find partners from other European countries and encourage the school to develop further international cooperation.In June 2016 the project leader will have conferences with participants in the mobility to find out what are the possible issues of concern in relation to the expectations and the goals of attendance in the mobility. The leader of the school will sign the training contracts with the participants in the mobility.On July 4th-8th, 2016, a class teacher, who teaches English in the 2nd-4th grade will participate in the course "Future Learning with the iPads and Tablets".On September 4th-10th, 2016, a class teacher and a class teacher – ICT tecnologist will participate in the course "ICT for Collaborative Project Based Teaching and Learning."On November 7th-11th, 2016, a foreign language teacher will participate in a course „Lifelong Learning Made Fun: Quizzes and Games "After each training participants will write a summary about the mobility on the relevant website, the school's website and on the mobility’s Facebook page. The ideas and experiences about mobility will be also shared with the local media.In October 2016, the first workshops will be started where the training experience and practice are shared. The workshops will also be open for school staff from other schools in the municipality. In December 2016 there will be organized open lessons where parents, members of the Randvere School team and other schools in the municipality can participate.After the mobility the participants will better understand their role in the learning process where digital infrastructure is used, they will have more skills to plan and carry out the learning process according to the learner's individual needs, they will be able to regularly create digital educational materials and test them in the classroom, they will be better able to analyze and evaluate their pedagogical competences, and will be betterable to contribute to the positiive development of the organization.As a result of this mobility project, Randvere School will be able to develop a better digital culture within their school community. In addition, the participants in the mobility will share their new experiences and knowledge from the mobility. Randvere School will continue in its development by finding new partners from other European schools and participate in other European cooperation projects.

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