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Raising Effectiveness of Volunteering in Europe through Adult Learning
Start date: Jan 1, 2012,

With some 100 million Europeans actively involved in volunteering and significant contribution to GDP, volunteering is a unique platform for active citizenship, social cohesion and development; its importance is increasingly recognised, considering that 2011 has been the EU Year of Volunteering. Volunteering is progressively important also for its educational dimension, endorsing acquisition of skills and competences in an informal/non-formal environment, as well as intergenerational learning. Yet, capacity constraints of volunteers have the potential of limiting the social and economic impact and relevance of volunteering. The “professionalization of volunteering” – EC DG EAC, Volunteering in EU 2010 (VEU), Final Report, p.13 – require effective management of resources and planning of volunteering activities, otherwise vulnerable to inefficiencies. The EC, DG EAC, 2010, “VEU Final Report” accurately captured and pinpointed with a lot of evidence the binding constraints to effective volunteering. REVEAL will allow formalising and valuing knowledge while identifying training needs of individual volunteers. REVEAL will prompt adult learning solutions to address those needs with the ultimate aim of enhancing, through effective Adult Learning, the relevance, efficiency and impact of volunteering throughout the EU. REVEAL responds to the pressing issue of volunteers’ capacity by developing and validating 3 main results in 6 languages: (A) A web-based self-assessment tool to map, formalize and value knowledge and competences of volunteers and to identify specific capacity gaps in planning and management of volunteering activities. (B) A set of multilevel web-based training solutions in order to address those gaps through customised learning solutions for volunteers. (C) Interactive training content & material. Results will be produced by eight partners in five Member States and one Candidate Country, through research and collecting inputs from 700 volunteers, tested with 490, and remain available for at least 2 years after the ending of the project.
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