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Rainbow: multicolour youth volunteering bridging continents
Start date: Dec 15, 2011,

The project aims to foster dialogue, exchange and co-operation between and consequently empower 4 youth NGOs and one Public Body dealing with social and/or environmental issues in China (Hong Kong), Italy (Sicily), Mexico (Chiapas) and Spain (Cataluna), by means of international volunteering as tool for social action and tool to face global environmental challenges. It aims also to promote international volunteering and active citizenship among a wide audience of young people and the local communities in the concerned countries.The will be 22 activities , over a period of 12 months, directly involving 80 young people (46 of them from disadvantaged backgrounds) and 30 youth workers and or active volunteers. The communication and advertising campaign, together with the awareness raising campaigns run in each country, will give the possibility to reach an audience of at least 30.000 young people, and a final publication will be distributed in 2.000 printed copies to stakeholders in order to spread the result and promote the methodologies of the project. Further dissemination will be made by е-tools with social networks and the website of the project.Beside the coordinating ones, list of activities will include job-shadowing, information and awareness raising campaigns and youth exchanges. In particular there will be 4 multilateral job-shadowing (one in each country, lasting 15 days) and 4 multilateral exchanges connected with local voluntary projects (each of them lasting 12 days). In each country a two days event for information and awareness raising will be organized in order to promote values and methodologies of social volunteering, to promote active citizenship of youth and foster the relation between Chinese/Mexican and European civil society.Beside the direct involvement of the mentioned number of young people, the direct tangible result will be the actual implementation of local voluntary projects with the participation of international groups and a direct durable impact on local communities, the exchange of practices and methodologies, thus a cross-fertilization process, among 5 different bodies dealing with youth and the increase of cultural exchange between European, Chinese and Mexican citizens.
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