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Ráðstefna ungmennaráða á Suðurlandi
Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 31 Mar 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Today there is just a little over half of the municipalities that has operational youth councils. Also there hasn't been systematical and organized cooperation between the youth councils in the area (the South coast/quarter of Iceland). The idea of the project and the conference started to take shape within the Youth council of the municipality of Árborg in the last couple of years and the reaction of other youth council members and their supporting staff in neighboring municipalities had been positive when the idea was pitched to them. The main objectives of the project is as follows:- To promote cooperation and mutual support between the youth councils in the area/quarter- To promote the values of having an operational youth councils to municipalities that don't have one and that those municipalities will start working on the process of operate an youth council- To promote an systematical and structured dialogue and cooperation between local youth councils and decision-makers- That young people voices are heard on every subject on local decision-making levels- To promote to the public the value and the positive work of the youth councils in the are- To make and publish a manual for youth councils in cooperation with the local confederation of municipalities in the area (SASS)- To show that all subject on local-decision making levels concern young people in one way or anotherThe main part of the project is a two day conference that will be held in the end of September. The first day will be strictly for youth council members, interested young people from municipalities that don't have an operational youth council and supporting staff. The emphasis on day one is on the cooperation possibilities for youth councils, good practices to work with decision-makers on the local level, other practical information and good practices for youth council members and the layout and objectives of the second day which will be the meeting with policy and decision-makers. On the second day there will be a structured conference/meeting where we will have policy and decision-makers from all the municipalities in the area and also local members of parliment and ministers. The emphasis will be among others on the dialogue and cooperation between youth councils and decision-makers, how young people can let their voices be heard and find good opportunities and practices for decision-makers and town councils to support the youth councils for better results. The methodology will be mixture of non-formal learning methods such as cooperation activities and games, formal lectures, working groups and panels. The assessment will be continuous during the conference and also results from working groups. The main results will be in the published manual for youth councils that will be finalized in the months after the conference. Other effects will include the following:- More active and structured process of work within the local youth councils - More interactive and structured dialogue and cooperation between policy/decision-makers and youth councils in local municipalities- More municipalities will have operational youth councils in the aftermath- More public knowledge of the work of local youth councils- Easier access for young people voices to the public debate
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