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Radio Mediterranée
Start date: 30 Jul 2016, End date: 27 Feb 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Radio Mediterranée is a project with young people (between 18 and 30) from 5 different countries ( France, The Netherlands, Portugal, Morocco and Germany) and will take place in Tanger (Morocco). During this project, the young people from the different countries will exchange and discuss their experiences and the situations of the refugees in the different countries and will research the situation of the refugees in Morocco and in Tanger specifically. In Tanger, mostly young refugees from the western Sub-Saharan region are waiting for their chance to make their ´jump´ to Europe. We will work together with the social organisationTabadoul, which is facilitating a lot of social projects with young refugees in Tanger. We will visit different organisations who work with refugees and collect all the information about the work and personal stories from the refugees about their motives to come to Maroc, their backgrounds and experiences in this week and we will create an audio blog to transmit the information and products about the refugee situation in Marocco to a bigger audience and to give refugees, but also the concerned actors,the chance to share their experiences. Back in their home country, the participants will make an audio-product concerning the refugee situation in their country. By this we hope to inspire other people to add their radio-items about this subject, and to make a big collection of personal stories and information about the refugees.Why Tanger?We decided for the city Tanger, because of the geographical situation between Africa and Europe. Tanger is a city, who has the biggest tradition and history of multiculturalism in Morocco. As a maritime city on the border with Europe, Tanger was always a city, where a lot of cultures came together. Therefore Tanger is also the place, where since years a lot of refugees from Sub-Saharan Africa are trying to make the jump to Europe. As a result of this occurence, there are a lot of organisations, which are working with the refugeesituation in Tanger. At this moment, there is a lot of media-attention and known about the motives of the refugees from Syria, and therefore the become all the obligatory help for refugees. In the public opinion, especially the Sub-Saharan refugees, are more seen as migrants (with economical motives). In this project we´d like to research this suppositions and try to differentiate the people, their stories, backgrounds, motives and how the politics and society are dealing with this issue.We think, it´s interesting and necessary to collect personal stories of these people, their backgrounds and the motives, why they want to go to Europe. The participants will make radio items with stories and information with personal audio-items about refugees, and the people and organisations who are involved and will finally post them on a blog. With the publishing of the blog we strive to start a more diverse and differentiated and better informed dialog about the refugeesituation in Moroc and the attitude towards refugees from Sub-Saharan-countries, for the participants and the people who are involved in this issue in general.Objectives:Increasing diversed knowledge and awareness about the refugees-situation in the Netherlands, Portugal and Germany and particular in Morocco and the differences between them.Getting to know different Moroccan organisations who works with refugees.Gaining skills on journalism, like interviewing-technics and writing, and investigation and sorts of journalism and the mechanisms of media and jounalism as a tool for activism.Participants will learn to express themselves with creatives technical tools and learn to express themselves in a new way. Learning to communicate with the use of audio.Participants recognises the unequality between different countries/ inhabitants/ social status and is motivated to participate in decreasing it. (reciprocity)
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