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(R)evolucionarij se! - Do the (r)evolution!
Start date: Jan 15, 2015, End date: Feb 14, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The main aim of the project Do the (r) evolution! was to develop high quality activities for young people in the fields of art, creation and civil engagement with the help of informal and nonformal learning. Encouraging critical thinking towards the existing power relations in the world, understanding differences in globalised world, taking responsibility of your actions, developing your own ideas, and to be able to plan and execute your ideas, were key components of our projects. The project lasted for 11 months and gave volunteers the possibility to participate in the formation of cultural, youth, youth-information, volunteer and social activities of Pekarna Magdalenske mreže. Two volunteers, a 28 year old girl from France, an illustrator/ grafic designer, and a 25 year old boy, a philosopher by education but a photographer by heart, from Czech Republic, were actively involved in the EVS project, and through that had the opportunities to achieve personal growth and acquire a sense of belonging to the organization and local community. Volunteers were be involved in: - Pekarna DOBIŠ DAŠ; activities with and for children and young people with less opportunities, - Footsteps of the city; urban walks and discussions about the city and the engaged use of public space, - Guest Room Maribor; artists in residence platform, - Aunt Rosa's Library; library with a critically engaged literature, - Gallery K18; gallery open to young artists, - Pekarna potopisi (potopisi, ki to niso); travelogues with a critical note, - Zine!; self-published work of original or appropriated texts/images, - StopTrik Festival Maribor; international stop-motion animation film festival, - Filmopeka; film education for young people, - Vegan dinners; events promoting veganism as an ethical and political movement, - Day for change in Maribor 2015; national day of promoting voluntary work in the localcommunity, - Festival of volunteering in Maribor 2015. Both volunteers were strongly encouraged to develop their own project ideas in the field of culture and to deliver creativ workshops (field of photography and illustration). They organised and executed art exhibitions “BEING-THERE, Slovenia thourgh Czech and French eyes” in November 2015 at Gallery K18, Maribor. One of the main goals was that volunteers embrace the cultural diversity which project Do the (r) evolution!, Pekarna Magdalenske mreže has to offer and develop a critical way of thinking in cultural and public / civil spheres, that encourages active citizenship. Goals/intentions of the project Do the (r)evolution! were following: 1. To provide room for gaining key competences such as: communication in a foreign language, learning to learn, interpersonal, intercultural and social competences, cultural expression. 2. To empower the EVS volunteer to work in creative and socially critical processes (active participation and active citizenship). 3. To establish room for learning for young people through mutual transfer of knowledge and skills between EVS volunteer and other coworkers and young people within the organization. 4. To direct, reflect and evaluate the gained knowledge and skills, to achieve volunteer’s knowledge of them. 5. To develop intercultural and interpersonal understanding among young people in local environment. 6. To establish basic conditions to increase autonomy of young people and raise possibilities for their employment. 7. To establish and strengthen quality international partnerships (between organizations). 8. To enable professional development of youth workers, who are included in the project, and therefore to enable professionalization of youth work. 9. To support civil society organizations in the field of youth by developing quality projects with long term effects in the local environments of sending and hosting organizations. Effects and results of the project: - to strengthen the role of youth workers, - to empower volunteers towards increased participation in society (also in the field of non-conventional political participation), - to increase recognition of EVS among young people in our organization and among young people in the local environment, - to establish quality international partnerships, - to upgrade existing and gain new key competences in both volunteers. Long term effects: - increased professionalization of youth work in our organization, - established quality of hosting and sending environments to carry out programs of mobility in partner organizations, - to prevent and overcome prejudices in hosting and sending environment, - to prevent social exclusion of young people.

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