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Quijotes en La Sagra
Start date: Jan 2, 2015, End date: Apr 2, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

It is tough to be a youngster in La Sagra, this is a land with no many creative choices since ever... It is even tougher to be a motivated youngster that wants to do things with others when “the others” don't understand your ideas and try to let you down. It's really, really difficult to think and act BIG, in capital letters, when all around you is tinny and narrow... and yet we life in a land with wide horizons and open spaces ready to make the best of it... the best of us! Cervantes wrote Don Quixote in our land 400 years ago; in 2015 we commemorate the first edition of it second part (the first part of the novel was released 10 years earlier in 2005) and we want to honor the writer and his universal character by being contemporary Quixotes right in the land of Don Quixote: fight for good ideas with our daily actions and stand for what is fair and positive for us and our colleagues in our life. The two European volunteers involved in this Long Term EVS Project will be facing three monstrous giants for youngsters of our time in La Sagra: “Unmotivation”, “Insatisfaction”, “Individualism” and “Senseofnofuture”. We already know the battle will be uneven but just presenting it will be our big victory. The youngsters of La Sagra, like Cervantes, need some inspiration and models to build their life considering their local environment and the international possibilities they have. Like Don Quixote, they need to be really local to became absolutely global. Quijotes en La Sagra EVS LT Project will take place in the small town in where Cervantes lived and wrote, Esquivias, and the nearby town of Numancia de La Sagra in where the hosting organization, Proyecto Kieu, has its headquarters. The two volunteers will join the Youth and Social Services in the villages to help with different community, social and cultural activities with the aim to help youngsters to be involved in social participation. With their example of European Volunteers they also inspire local youngsters to know more about international and European options for themselves. The celebration of this 400 aniversary of Don Quixote is the frame and inspiration for this project: from Cervantes we take his way to transform a non inspiring, common environment into a great masterpiece; from Don Quixote we take his willingness to do good to everyone and from Sancho his pragmatism that help us to create well adjusted activities to our reality. This anniversary will also give us a lot of local and international cultural-communicational activities in where the European Volunteers will participate and the context for them to also be inspired and create their own personal (cultural-social) projects with the community.

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