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¡Que arte tienes! (How talented you are!)
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project appears because of the need to find an efficient, interesting and attractive way for our students to approach Art. As time passes, this subject has been undervalued when we actually think it could be the driving force to develop all the other subjects and knowledge. Every year we try to improve our academic results reinforcing the main subjects (Maths, Language, Science), but maybe changing the approach and developing more the Arts would help us reaching our students in a more effective way and improving their capacities. In order to get to that point we will use a project-by-project basis. The main target would be the Art activity and we will create different materials and resources (related to other subjects) around it to reach it. As this is a 2 years project, we will be working with 4 different blocks of Art: - Visual Art, where our students will become artists and will create their own view of famous canvas. - Traditions and Customs, where we will create a guidebook to know more and learn respect towards other countries. - Music, where they will be able to create their own instruments and play with them. - Performing, where the main activity would be setting up typical dances (while doing a video tutorial). All these activities along with the other subjects materials and resources will be gathered in a "Manual", where the whole experience will be explained, analysed and offered to the Educational community for a future use. At the same time we would like to use this new approach of teaching to help our special educational needs students to develop their capacities. It is of great importance to integrate our students making them aware of the importance of working together and learning from each other and we consider that Art is the subject that lend to that integration of special educational needs students in a better way and, in addition, answers the possible communication issues they could have, for example, with the use of music therapy. The participants involved are: Spain, Greece, Turkey, Poland and Germany. As culture is part of Art, and our school is very “international” due to the amount of foreign students, we consider that working with other partners belonging to the Mediterranean area where so many varieties of Arts coexist will enrich our project and students. It will bring us the opportunity of knowing how this subject is taught in their countries and integrate new cultural and teaching tools to our personal learning/teaching process. On the other hand, as we want to make the most of integrating our special educational needs students, we will be working with a German school for mentally handicapped persons that will bring us a totally different approach. To sum up, the main aims of our projects are: learning new ways of teaching Art, producing new materials and resources for teaching other subjects through a project-by-project basis, finding new ways of integrating our special educational needs students using Art, making our students aware of the importance of respecting other cultures and customs and, of course, improving our languages skills. To reach those aims, we will use different supports as blogs, websites, crafts, tutorial videos, guidebooks, exchanges, among others.
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