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Quantum Gauge Theories and Ultracold Atoms (QUAGATUA)
Start date: 01 Nov 2008, End date: 31 Dec 2013 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"This is an interdisciplinary proposal which concerns physics of ultracold atoms and quantum information on one side, and high energy and condensed matter physics on the other. The main objectives are: i) to identify experimentally feasible ultracold atom systems that may serve as quantum simulators of, or exhibit physics relevant for some challenging high energy systems and/or quantum gauge theories; ii) to study these ultracold atom systems, their properties and possibilities of control them for applications in quantum information and quantum metrology that go beyond the high energy physics and quantum simulations; iii) to make very concrete experimental proposals of preparation, manipulation and detection of such systems. In particular, it is planned to investigate: A) ultracold atoms in artificial non-Abelian gauge fields, and non-Abelian integer and fractional Hall effects; B) ultracold atoms with Dirac like dispersion relations (as in relativistic field theories and/or graphene in condensed matter); C) ultracold atoms in polymerized geometries, i.e. in lattices of weakly coupled groups of neighbouring sites (plaquettes); D) ultracold gases in frustrated geometries that can mimic quantum spin liquids, that in turn are often described by Abelian discrete gauge theories; E) ultracold gases with 3- or 4-atom interactions that can serve as simulators of Abelian lattice gauge theories; F) the ultimate, but rather risky and speculative objective would be to find the possibilities of realizing quantum simulators of non-Abelian gauge theories, i.e. to identify the dynamical degrees of freedom of ""gluons"" and to distinguish them from that of matter fields. Expected results are: i) concrete proposals to simulate quantum gauge theories;, ii) better understanding of quantum gauge theories with ultracold atoms, iii) discovery of novel types of quantum gauge field systems; iv) novel systems for robust quantum information processing and metrology."
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