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Quantum Correlations (QORE)
Start date: 01 Jan 2009, End date: 31 Dec 2013 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In all sciences one observes correlations and develops and tests theoretical models describing them. Quantum correlations are produced by measurements on entangled quantum states. Since they may violate some Bell inequality even when the different parties are space-like separated, they can t be described with the usual tools: common causes and communication. Violation of a Bell inequality is the signature of quantumness: all other entanglement witnesses depend on assumptions about the dimension of the relevant Hilbert spaces. The vision of this project is that nonlocal quantum correlations provide new resources without any equivalence in other sciences. The core objectives are to better understand, manipulate and exploit nonlocal quantum correlations. This project covers aspects in theoretical, experimental and applied physics, with an emphasis on fundamental questions. The goal is to improve our understanding of quantum nonlocality as a resource (different from entanglement) and to improve our ability to harness entanglement over long distances, both for intellectual and applied motivations. The tools are the conceptual nonlocal box borrowed from theoretical computer science, quantum optics at telecom wavelengths and rare-earth ion doped crystals as atomic ensemble based quantum memories. The expected outcomes are findings about the minimal resources required to simulate quantum correlations and decisive steps towards a Word Wide Quantum Web.
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