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Quality in Eur.Citizenship content of IC exchanges
Start date: Aug 1, 2012,

The training course “Quality in European Citizenship content of intercultural exchanges” will bring together volunteers from the EFIL network to enhance the quality of the EC content of intercultural exchanges, namely the short and long term pupil exchanges and the EVS/ 18+ programmes promoted by AFS partners in Europe.The event will take place in Dworp (Belgium), involve 30 participants, 5 trainers and 2 support staff from 16 European countries, and happen in parallel to the Camp of the European Citizenship Trimester Programme (ECTP).EFIL as the applicant organisation will co-ordinate the communication between the project partners, and play the hosting role with strong involvement of the other 2 Belgium-based partners.All promoters will co-shape the event, recruit and prepare participants and conduct dissemination and follow-up activities.During the 6-day training, participants will enhance their understanding of the link between Intercultural Competence and Citizenship, focusing on European Citizenship (EC) and Active Citizenship (AC). They will also gain competence on Quality assessment and develop indicators to be used throughout the training to evaluate the EC content in different phases of the ECTP, and in other intercultural exchanges. This will be done through interactive participatory methods, drawing from the competence existing among participants and their organisations.Dissemination activities will take place on the spot for the benefit of the youth at the ECTP Camp: participants will deliver workshops on EC and AC, tackling issues as the Fight against poverty and marginalization and Global environmental challenges. Moreover, participants divided in working groups will develop and follow up an Action plan for dissemination at national and local level, targeting also other youth organizations. The outcomes of the project will thus benefit a great number of young Europeans involved directly and indirectly in intercultural exchanges in AFS and beyond.
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