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Quality in Education ( QUALITedu)

Research on the outcomes of various programmes show that the key for improving quality on a continuous basis lies with the processes of production of the service, goals and of back up.The project QUALITedu aims to: 1)Improve the quality of training programmes, guaranteeing formalised and certifiable project management, fully respecting community regulations.2)Stimulate providers of careers training to constantly improve the quality of their services.3)Support planning organisationsin the definitions of their programmes.4)Reinforce the European dimension of education and training systems. 5) Provide all operators for each area of competency in the system, with useful tools for planning, designing, management, allocation and use in quality training and instruction programmes. Thus the project proposes to: 1.Provide the training and instruction system with tools and information back-up for improving the quality of what is being offered and internal organisational procedures.2. Encourage the diffusion of methodologies, tools and best practices to favour the development of quality in education and training.3.Develop tools for self assessment as a support to the introduction and implementation of a quality control system. To achieve all these objectives the project will be developed in phases over a period of 24 months. The first 6 monthds will concetrate on the collection of data and information necessary for the website and to create the self analysis tools. The central part of the project will be dedicated on the construction and testing of these self analysis tools. The final stage consists of activating the web site and testing that the product works.
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