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QUAlity Development ROadmap for training in the Financial Services Sector
Start date: Nov 1, 2012,

One of the priorities of the Copenhagen Declaration is to develop common instruments for Quality Assurance in VET. Further on, the objectives and actions of the Copenhagen process have been further supported by the European network for quality assurance in VET (EQAVET).In this context, there have been different projects and activities put in place in order to develop national Quality Assurance Frameworks and for promoting shared QA instruments in VET. The main areas of development regarding Quality Assurance for VET, since 2008 are qualifications, curricula, competences. Thus, there are still areas which need further development, such as: awards, quality management, official certification (assessment of training and learning outcomes) and VET system design and administration.The QUADRO project will address this particular need of common QA instruments for quality management and certification by providing a EQAVET Handbook for the Financial Services Sector (FSS) which will provide comprehensive and ready-to-use guidelines, tools and instruments for the establishment of internal management approaches combined with practical examples and illustrations stemming from the case studies that are enacted in the QUADRO Project.The main outputs of the project will be:a. Report of quality development gap in VET b. Roadmap for quality development in line with EQAVETc. EQAVET Handbook for the FSS (Quality Assurance tools and instruments)d. Guidelines for the implementation of the Handbook e. QUADRO website This Handbook will represent a practical tool for VET stakeholders in the FSS and will have a strong impact on the quality of the FSS qualification systems by enhancing trust and transparency between VET providers, employers and learners. Furthermore, the Handbook will facilitate and enhance the development of National Quality Assurance Frameworks and will include sustainable and transferable QA tools which may be applied in other sectors too.

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