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Quality Assurance of Foreign Placement in Europe (QAFP in EU)

The agenda of the EU VET contributes to the competitiveness of Europe, and promotes an international oriented and skilled workforce. All VET sectors in European countries will have to work on increase of mobility, and work experiences abroad. This project, Quality Assurance of Foreign Placement in Europe (QAFPE),stimulates companies all over Europe to create a learning environment of high quality to teach trainees in a effective and efficient way. The Dutch VET system requires that students have a substantial amount of practical training, and this ‘on the job training’ (mobility, work experience abroad, and getting insight in live and work) is provided and executed at accredited companies. Accreditation is provided by a National Centre of Expertise as Aequor is and is a guarantee for quality of guidance and practical training. Now the international mobility is stimulated and increasing, we need much more accredited companies in the European member statesObjective: model for accreditation of placement companies in Europe and to establish sustainable cooperation of accreditation agencies in Europe. To realise this objective we work on:- Development of a network in Europe that can and will accredit placement companies (the network takes care for exploitation and maintenance)- Development of common criteria, and a common procedure for accreditation of companies (model)- Monitoring of companies and the quality of work based learning- To discuss and propose a European label as a qualification of accredited companies- Expansion of work placement opportunities for students (databank, data exchange), the number of accredited placement companies, and of colleges that open their placement information. Partnership:The consortium is constituted with partners experienced in placement opportunities, VET relations, and/or European umbrella organisations related to VET or companies, knowledge centres in ‘green’ education and program development, or representatives of the ‘green' sector’. Aimed outcomes: • Methodology and procedures for European accreditation of placement companies agreed by involved institutions or authorities that cooperate in a European network • Report on criteria, protocols, monitoring companies and placements, and recognition of practical learning outcomes• Increase of interest of companies as a recognised placement company, registration in a cooperative database and more interest of colleges and students for international placements. ImpactQAFPE supports the EC and national authorities to realise in 2020 a high percentage of students with work experience abroad, insight in culture, and language. QAFPE stimulates authorities to accept and recognise the placement (competencies, time, and work experience) because this approach guarantees the quality of work based learning and the number and quality of placement companies will increase.
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