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Quality Assurance in Integration Training for Adult Migrants
Start date: Nov 1, 2011,

The aim of the ADUQUA network is to create a broad European framework for developing the quality standards of integration training for adult migrants. The quality of integration training is a topical issue, as migration is on the increase and integration training varies among countries. Thus, there is a growing need for common quality standards and criteria. Furthermore, the current economic situation in Europe makes it even more important to guarantee quality in integration training as well. Through the ADUQUA network, the knowledge of those European countries that have wide experience of migration issues can be shared among the countries with little or no experience of managing integration programmes. Thus, the project will help promote the development of common standards and criteria.To collect information on quality systems already in existence, a background investigation will be conducted, targeting the administration level as well as training organizations. A report involving recommendations based on the investigation will be published as a collection of articles, including a checklist of recommendations for in-service teacher training in the field of integration. Thus, operators on all the different stages of the development and implementation of integration training will benefit: teachers, training designers and managers in institutions, as well as local and regional authorities acquiring training, and national bodies such as ministries responsible for integration policies. This way also the students will benefit by receiving higher quality training.The highest level of impact will be reached after the project, when an assessment can be made on how widely the network has been able to influence local and national operators and policy makers on development and monitoring the quality of integration training. The aim is that all partners will start one initiative in their organisation and country in order to promote this process.

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