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Qualité et Développement durable pour les organismes de formation professionnelle
Start date: Dec 1, 2009,

The European Community intends European training systems to be a global benchmark by 2010, and is supporting steps to improve the appeal and quality of vocational education and training (VET). The European Quality Assurance Reference Framework for VET (EQARF) sets out criteria and indicative specifications and constitutes the shared reference framework for the continuous improvement of training systems. In parallel, cohesion policy is based partly on the Lisbon priorities and partly on sustainable development priorities adopted in Gothenburg: social justice, economic viability and ecological responsibility. In order to anticipate these future requirements it appears essential to complement current quality initiatives by taking account of the challenges of sustainable development, and to define the outline of a new framework. All partners in the project are involved in Quality processes. Some of them have launched initiatives and begun a debate with the decision-making bodies on sustainable development within vocational training. The QUALECO project aims to equip VET structures to facilitate the incorporation of sustainable development in their quality management. Development of the project covers 4 stages: 1. Analysis and understanding of quality systems with reference to EQARF and an identification of the challenges of sustainable development for VET. 2. Equipping the OF with a reference framework complementary to EQARF, offering a guide and a tool for self-diagnosis in the area of ‘sustainable development’, enabling its strengths and weaknesses to be identified and a continuous development plan to be produced in the areas selected. 3. Testing and validating our tools 4. Optimising the transfer and ‘ownership’ of the monitoring package to/by other bodies, the vocational sector and the social partners.
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