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Qualification of Seniors coming from Restructuring Sectors for the Intergenerational Knowledge Transfer
Start date: Oct 1, 2010,

Europe is getting older and in a crisis situation like the present one, we can’t afford loosing the knowledge and experience accumulated by our elder people once they leave the labour market. Encouraging the active ageing, ensuring the transfer of knowledge between generations is a basic element to reach the objectives of the Lisbon Strategy of competitiveness, balanced, sustainable and equitable growth based on the knowledge society. In this context, we can see that the traditional lifelong learning systems don’t offer a suitable answer for 2 reasons: on one hand, they don’t offer the means to give value to the elder-generated experience; and on the other hand, they don’t regard Lifelong Learning as a basic tool for social inclusion and management of age (Memorandum and White book of Learning Throughout Life). Our SENIORS, once they leave the labour market, don’t have the chance to offer their know-how to others, neither the access to permanent learning processes (lack of motivation),which means a way of social exclusion. With our proposal we are willing to get some resources and didactic methodologies (training course in English, Spanish, German, Swedish, Polish and Romanian),NICT-based, allowing qualifying the SENIORS (coming from restructuring sectors) so that they can take active part (via VOLUNTEER WORK)in training processes aimed at young people, giving value and transferring their knowledge to other generations. We are willing to make our elder become EXPERIENCE MENTORS, offering the training they need, tools and methodologies to favour the effective knowledge transference. This will be reflected in the quality of the European educational systems as it gives value to this intellectual capital.Expected impact: • Promote “active ageing” of the SENIORS• Give value to the SENIORS accumulated experience and knowledge.• Offer new lifelong learning opportunities to the SENIORS• “Serendipity”; Enable the creation of special contexts for generational exchange.
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