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Qualification framework for sustainable forestry and lifelong learning
Start date: Oct 15, 2011,

On the basis of the current situation analysis in EU and RU the project will focus on improvement of the quality of RU higher professional education in forestry by development of the Qualification Framework (QF) in sustainable forestry and lifelong learning (LLL) in cooperation between RU and EU Universities. Proposed activities will bring to harmonization of the forestry degree programs in RU to the standards of EU partners based on the principles of lifelong learning, labour markets requirements, ECTS, and integration. The project is planned for 3 years to transfer the EU Universities’ set of knowledge, skills, methodologies and competencies for 3-Cycle level’s (BSc, MSc and PhD) in “Forestry” and LLL consistent with the third generation standards of RU. The project activates will strengthen the QF interaction with the industry and small business to train graduates of the partner Universities, especially in emerging and rapidly developing fields. The infrastructure of RU Universities will be upgraded by establishment of 6 Collaborative centres for on campus and E-campus (distant education) of the knowledge delivery and LLL trainings for the society and forestry specialists. A considerable part of the project has been devoted to the development of new e-courses, a network of the professionals to sustainably continue promotion of the SUFAREL results to the society. Improvement of the human capacity of the RU Universities and organisations will be provided by internship opportunities for RU University teachers and PhD students. Four workshops and videoconferences will contribute to the retraining of RU target groups (teachers, students, NGO, media, forestry specialist) and development of the QF’s 9-levels descriptors in sustainable forestry and LLL. Important part of the project will be dissemination of the QF’s best practices and curriculums aiming to facilitate the Bologna reforms and Lisbon strategy to other forestry Universities and society at large.
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