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Qualification for "European Specialist for the Processing of Composites - Rotor Blade"

The Rotor blades and also the housing of wind energy plants are made of fibre reinforced plastics. Only composites can resist the huge dynamic forces and deformations for a long time.Ten partners from Belgium, Portugal, Sweden, Czech Republic and Germany were involved in the development work. SKZ was responsible for the project management.The development and installation of wind energy plants is one of the most innovative and dynamic growth markets in Germany and Europe. Since rapid growth within a technology goes ahead with a high demand for specialists bottlenecks are foreseen.While in 2007 154.000 people worked in the wind energy industry, their number will more than double to 330.000 employees in 2020. This causes a high demand for qualified specialists that can not be satisfied by the job market. Even today the employees are often insufficiently qualified. The consequences are high failure rates during the production of rotor blades and also not professionally performed repairs. Both things causes fault rates and downtimes which are not acceptable.Exactly at this point started the “Leonardo”-project, in which an Europe-wide qualification system was developed, in order to balance the lack of training. SKZ has at its sites in Halle (Saale) and Würzburg high competencies in the field of training as well as in research and development in the sector of fibre reinforced plastics and, particularly, in the production of wind energy plants. In the last years several hundred specialists were trained at home and abroad. However, the Europe-wide harmonised approach is still missing. That should be changed in the course of this project.

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