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Qualification at work
Start date: Sep 1, 2015, End date: Aug 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Qualification at work WORKQ Back ground In most of the countries we face the problem of students not finishing their vocational studies of not even starting them because they find the theoretical part of the studies too long, boring and difficult. A lot of changes have already taken place to improve the situation but still on the job learning forms only part of the studies. For finding new path ways, methods and models for qualification studies we have in cooperation with our working life partners agreed to pilot two qualification study programs fully at work places. The qualifications in question are the school work assistant and the health care assistant. Both qualification studies last for one year. The project objectives are in line with the program EU priorities: 1 work based VET development, to give more study options for students with problems to finnish their studies at schools 2 inceasing the cooperation between educational institutions and working life for better matching of the qualification competencies to needs of the employers. 3 increasing the knowledge of teachers about working life / work placements. 4 Developing international cooperation skills and knowledge about various work based systems and practise in Holland, Spain, Poland and Switzerland. Partners Coordinator: Federation of municipalities for education in Itä-Uusimaa/Edupoli. Vocational Adult Education Centre. Finland. Partners 4: Roc Noordeerport Vocational institution Holland; IES LEONARDO DA VINCI, vocational college, Spain; Foundation Institute for Private Enterprise and Democracy/Fundacja, research centre, Poland; Associazione seed, research centre, Switzerland as an associated partner. Activities 1: In Finland, Holland and in Spain Work based qualification program piloting Poland and Switzerland research on the work based VET in these countries, support in dissemination 2: Pilot planned and carried out in close cooperation with employers and instructors 3: Teachers 2 week's work placement at work places before the pilots start and after that carrying out the whole qualification program at the work place 4: International work shops in 4 countries. Learning about different work based systems and practise and sharing feed back, challenges and best practise of the pilots. Methodology The project methodology is to work out in cooperation with EU partners and working life new models and curricula for work based VET qualifications. All the partners will have their own pilot development projects . The results of the national projects will be shared and elaborated in transnational partner work shops in each country. In between the work shops the partners will work through AC meetings. The partners cooperation in the project is important: those who have ready plans and have started the piloting already will support the others. The expected results of the project will be: 1. Work based VET Models of the partners (e.g. school assistant, health care assistant, automobile mechanic) 2. Passed qualification exams of students in the pilot programs in Finland, Holland ,Spain and Poland. 3. Developed methods and practise for students guidance and support for the new qualification at work model. 4. 3-4 teachers carried out their work placements in each country 5. Education and working life cooperation increased. 6. International cooperation and skills increased After the project there will be more options, more individual pathways for students to study qualifications. The models and methods will be in use in sectors' of the pilots and further developed also for other sectors. Students will be more motivated to study qualifications and there will be less drop outs. The close cooperation between educatioanal institutions and employers/work places will raise the competence of teachers and quality of education. International cooperation option in further VET and staff development will be taken in to account in the development strategies of the educational institutions.
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