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Q.LIME - Quality in Licensing and IPR Management Education

The project Q.LIME has the objet to develop a vocational training opportunity related to "IRP and licensing management". Specifically the project aims at producing innovative training materials that will be designed by a partnership made up of six partners.In order to achieve quality of the above mentionned materials ther partnershipwill share their experience of "creating sustems" sa as to encourage good practices. The project will develop the "quality debate", in order to realise a "never-ending sharing of experience and learning from experience" among partners countries, according to the common core criteria for quality in VET identified by the "Technical Working Group on Quality in VET".The above mentionned materials will be organised in two main sections:1) All basic IPR issues (patent procedures) 2) Advanced professional topics on IPR management (i.e. Marketing, patent portfolio management, licensing etc.) anf fund raising in order to carry out RTD projects. The training materials will be drown down in the partners languages and will be provide on paper and digital format. The project set three crosscutting objectives, in order to contibute to operationalise the three European policy priorities( employability, match between training supply and demand, access to vocational training) although it is a complex and ambitious area of action.The valorisation will be realised by all the partners during the entire project lifecycle in order to increase anrd to improve the possible impact of the project and ensures full exploitation of the project mid-term and final results.
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