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Putar te akja!
Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 31 Jul 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In the last month, racistic and extreme-right ideologies and visible voices are growing in Europe. The success of the nationalistic party "Alternative for Germany" (AfD) as well as the Pegida movement, over 1.000 attacks on refugees homes in Germany only in 2015, political changes in Poland, radicalisation of Victor Orban in Hungary and last but not least the success of the FPÖ candidate in the presidential election in Austria: All these things threaten the free and democratic European society. Also the discrimination of Roma in Germany, Romania and Kosovo is also in 21th century still present, affecting directly or indirectly the life perspective of young Roma in Berlin, Prizren and Bukarest. The social exclusion is one of the most important reasons for the current migration movement, which is often being labelled as “immigration into the social system”. In order to explore those trends together with young people and in order to correct the picture of “economical refugees”, the project „Putar te akja! Exploring oppression of Roma in Europe.“ have been initiated.The project brings together Roma and non-Roma youth from three culturally, historically and politically different countries – Germany, Romania and Kosovo – encourages the mutual exchange, facilitates their competencies on the field of criticism of racism as well as intruments for reflexion of the current extreme right tendencies in Europe, of their own wordview and actions, deepens their knowledge about historical and current disrimination and skills in media work - in order to strengthen the young people in dealing with nationalistic and extreme right patterns of thought on the one hand and to provide them a mean for self-expression and for the expression of their point of view and to enhance their self-confidence on the other hand.They reflect on the experienced knowledge, inform themselves about the current cases of discrimination in their own locality, find their position towards them and explore them closely. They learn to recognize and name the discrimination, learn about the continuity of exclusion and unmask the construction of the image of “Gypsies” as an uncivilized group. Trough game methods, they experience by themselves how exclusion and racism work in general and how to face them. Thus the participants learn how valuable the democratic values are and which chances are offered to them personally.They document their exploration in the particular towns in small groups under leading of experienced filmmakers with cameras, they look for places of historical or current discrimination of Roma, which they film, they record interviews with key persons and their own off commentaries.The form of two continues youth exchanges in the participant countries brings continuity into the development of participant’s knowledge and skills, promotes the intensive dealing with the life reality of other participants and thus serves the sensitization for ethnic, religious and social differences and increases the intercultural consciousness.
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